Body and one sleeve completed to the armhole – the sleeve feels a touch short, but I’m going to go with faith in blocking on this one. Body is a little over 14″ which should be plenty, and it doesn’t look too small (it looked really really tiny before). Second sleeve started!


Awwwww, thank you guys so much for all your encouraging comments to my last post! I suspect my frustration my have had something to do with a lack of time to work on it and therefore see progress. I’ve had some time the last few days though, so I’m now up to almost 3 repeats (13 inches) of sleeve and am in the third repeat of the body – that last shot showed 2 repeats of sleeve and 1 repeat of body. I’ve switched to a 40 cm circ for the sleeve, so now I don’t have to fight with the magic loop, but I’m concentrating on the body – I’m going to get that done this weekend, dammit!

I do seem to be very good at making the very same mistake multiple times – using pewter instead of charcoal in the first few rows of that big motif. Hrmph.

One thing I’m a bit worried about is getting the sleeve and body onto one needle. I was hoping to get the 100 cm version of this needle (garnstudio bamboo – LOVE THEM, but obviously they’re discontinued; it figures) when I went in to get the 40 cm one, but no cigar. I might have to split the stitches and do some kind of two circs thing when I get there.

I don’t have any pics of limerick today, but I do have another amusing photo – I asked megan to order me some Eucalan, and this is what I got:

In case you can’t see it, it says 135 fl. oz./4 L! FOUR LITRES OF WOOLWASH! Considering how much washing of clothing and yarn I do, it’s certainly economical. No more worrying about running out….for a long, long time.

losing steam?

Since I took this photo earlier this evening (earlier being about midnight!) I’ve added another motif to the sleeve, bringing it up to about 11.5″ long and 94 stitches (increasing to 108). I’m actually getting a bit sick of this – not the knitting really, but the yarn tangles and the changing colours and having weird floats up the inside. I’m hoping that when I have enough stitches to switch to a shorter circ, it’ll go faster and I’ll be more motivated – right now I’m reallllllly not looking forward to the second sleeve.

The body, it hasn’t seen much action the last few days but I’m going to focus on it for the next few – I need to finish the body so I know where I can end the sleeve. I’m thinking the sleeve will probably need to be 4 repeats long so I’m hoping it works out with the body being about 3 pattern repeats.