falling behind…can she make up the time?

I had a big test and a paper due this week (actually, the paper is due today and I’m still working on it) so very little progress has been made the last few days. But once this paper is done, I’ll be on reading week!

I was kniting away when I realized the sleeve really was way too big.

I kept thinking ‘what’s going on?!’ and then it finally dawned on me. I knew why it was too big – and it was a user error, not a pattern error. D’oh. I got a bit upset.

But I’m back on track, almost to where I ripped, with the correct number of stitches. And I hope to get a bunch done tonight at Snb!

That’s it for today. Like I said, hopefully I can make up for lost time…

olympic check in, day 3 (or is it 4?)

Body progress, as of last night:

Problem: with my gauge futzing, it’s looking a little…small. But I have faith that it’ll work out.

Sleeve progress:

I’m really not loving doing the sleeve by magic loop, but I’m definitely not doing it on dpns! Going to go pick up a shorter circ today, although it might not fit until more increases are done. I’m changing the rate of sleeve increases quite a bit, just doing them every 10 rounds or so.

olympic check-in day 1; or, what have I gotten myself into

The progress as of this morning.

Not much, hm? Well, what you don’t see is the two complete rounds I had to tink due to a screwup with the colours – that’s over FIVE HUNDRED STITCHES I had to undo! In the dim light of a bar amidst lots of drunken knitters! Come to think of it, maybe that’s why I had to undo…

Anyway, I managed to get back on track and even make some forward progress. Slow, yes, but I’m getting into it – I’m even managing to throw with my right hand without having to take my hand off the needle, sometimes.

I did schoolwork most of today so I couldn’t knit (I was typing), but I did cast on for a sleeve…speaking of which, how big are Rowan models’ wrists? I know I have tiny little girl wrists, but still…

I’m even doing a way smaller gauge, dude. Oh well, I’m cool with a bit cuff. Just wonderin’ is all. I did manage some tv (aka knitting) time this evening so I’m done the first motif and onto the second. The rest of the chart looks quite a bit faster than that first motif – at least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Plus I’m always double-checking my colours now to ward off any negative progress.

Something I finished Thursday: new yarn! Neapolitan ice cream yarn!

180 yards of navajo-plied merino goodness. And I’ve got tons more of this yarn on the way, so i might even be able to make something sweatery out of it. Once this whole Olympic thing is done, of course.

Evidence that I really should only be working on Limerick – when I dumped out my knitting bag today (which contained Limerick and the second Ultramerino sock on the needles) this is what I found:

Eek! Not one but TWO of my casein needles broke. And I don’t have any other 3mm dpns. I’ll have to buy some next week, but clearly, it was a sign.

ETA: about the sleeves. The problem may have been exaggerated in the photo – I just looked at it again and it’s really not that bad.

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