Simple Yet Effective Bulky

Here ya go! This super-easy, super-quick shawl is knit from the neck (top) down. Work with a thinner yarn and bigger needles for a lacey effect, or thicker yarn for something cozy and warm.

Fingering weight, full written pattern is available here.

simple yet effective

– chunky weight yarn, approximately 350-500 yards depending on desired size
– 8 mm (US11) 24” circular needle
– removable stitch marker

k: knit
p: purl
yo: yarn over

about 8 stitches = 4″/10 cm, after blocking

Cast on 5 stitches.
Row 1 (RS): k1, yo, k1, yo, k1 (mark this st as centre st), yo, k1, yo, k1.
Row 2 (WS): knit.
Row 3 (RS): k1, yo, k to centre stitch, yo, k1, yo, k to last stitch, yo, k1.
Row 4: knit.

Increase on all RS rows as for row 3 while working garter and stockinette bands.
Garter stitch: non-increase rows are knit.
Stockinette stitch: non-increase rows are purled.

This is what I did, but I did it randomly – so let your random inner self play! I ended with stockinette because I ran out of yarn, but I’d suggest ending off with a few rows of garter stitch to ward off any rolling.

8 rows garter st (including rows 1-3)
6 rows stockinette stitch
6 rows garter st
8 rows stockinette st
8 rows garter st
8 rows stockinette st
10 rows garter st
10 rows stockinette st
8 rows garter st
4 rows stockinette st

Continue working increases on all RS rows while alternating bands until shawl is big enough, or you run out of yarn. Bind off loosely in purl. Block, then weave in ends. So simple!


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