Month: February 2006

  • a little something different

    Until today, I hadn’t knit anything other than Limerick since the Olympics started – which surprised me, because I get bored easily! I suppose Limerick has enough interest and challenge in it that it kept me entertained – plus the fact that I’ve had less knitting time than usual, really, and I really wanted to […]

  • hell yeah!

    The finish line is in sight! Five inches of raglan completed! The finish line is in sight, and I *really* didn’t think I was going to make the deadline!

  • mishappenings

    On the positive side, there are only 28 rounds left in the second sleeve! Rounds knit on this sleeve up to this point: 145. Now. The not-so-good things. 1) Over the course of the less than TWO WEEKS I have been working on this sweater, I have experienced a dramatic gauge shift. As evidence, the […]