a little something different

Until today, I hadn’t knit anything other than Limerick since the Olympics started – which surprised me, because I get bored easily! I suppose Limerick has enough interest and challenge in it that it kept me entertained – plus the fact that I’ve had less knitting time than usual, really, and I really wanted to give this my best shot.

But I’m now on the neck ribbing, and after I cast off (which will be in about 6 rounds), I’ll be needing to finish the underarms and weave in a bunch of ends. Too fiddly for work knitting. So I took the Ultramerino socks I started awhile ago (the ones that suffered from needle failure). Armed with a slightly smaller Bryspun dpn (it was labeled 3mm but isn’t the same as my caseins) it was off to the races.

Ultramerino socks
Pattern: basic sock, 48 stitches, 3×1 ribbing
Yarn: Artyarns Ultramerino 6, colour 101, 1 skein
Needles: Swallow casein and a Bryspun, 3 mm
Finished: February 24, 2006

I also started a brand new sweater! Black, v-neck, top-down, pullover in Louet Gems Topaz (the worsted weight) to replace this one. Hopefully it’ll wear better!

Back to bit of ribbing and a lot of weaving in ends!

hell yeah!

The finish line is in sight!

Five inches of raglan completed! The finish line is in sight, and I *really* didn’t think I was going to make the deadline!


On the positive side, there are only 28 rounds left in the second sleeve! Rounds knit on this sleeve up to this point: 145.

Now. The not-so-good things.

1) Over the course of the less than TWO WEEKS I have been working on this sweater, I have experienced a dramatic gauge shift. As evidence, the sleeves above – the bottom on is bigger. And it looks a gazillion times better in terms of the even-ness of the colourwork.

2) A problem I didn’t notice until I was taking these photos tonight. This isn’t a great photo (because it wasn’t what I was taking a photo of) but here:

In the plain stripe sections at the bottom and top of the photo, there are two rounds of white, then a round of…pewter? or charcoal?


The charcoal (darker) is correct. The pewter…I don’t know what I was thinking. There are three incorrect stripes like that on the first sleeve, one of which is two rounds down from where I stopped – the armhole, basically. That one’s going to need to be ripped back (at least it’s only 3 rounds) and fixed properly. The others, well, I figure I’ll just leave ’em. There’s so much else going on with the sweater anyway, only I’ll notice at a glance.

Oy. I’ll be in the yoke by tomorrow night, mark my words.