The finish line is in sight!

Five inches of raglan completed! The finish line is in sight, and I *really* didn’t think I was going to make the deadline!

35 Responses to “hell yeah!”

  1. Rachel H

    I am so far beyond impressed I’m not able to find the right words. That Is Incredible!! Great Job!

  2. Alexa

    Yay, go you! I have a great amount of respect for any knitter who can make such a large project in such a short amount of time.

  3. Theresa

    Awesome! And you cleverly chose a project that didn’t involve massive amounts of seaming . . . smart. Very smart.

  4. Scott

    I never had any doubts you would reach the finish line on time. It looks golden to me.

  5. Jen M

    Wow, you are amazing! I started on a two-color only fair isle hat last night, and only got about an inch done before I collapsed. Guess I have to train some more to get to your Olympic athlete level :)

  6. anona

    Eunny, maybe you could tell us how you get the fair isle pattern to go over the arm joins. Not just for this particular pattern, but in general what is your thought process for figuring it out?

  7. Anny

    Wow! That looks absolutely stunning! I love love love the colour combination. Congratulations. Here’s to the homestretch!


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