Body and one sleeve completed to the armhole – the sleeve feels a touch short, but I’m going to go with faith in blocking on this one. Body is a little over 14″ which should be plenty, and it doesn’t look too small (it looked really really tiny before). Second sleeve started!






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  1. Vicki Avatar

    It looks stunning! Amazing progress, well done. it is truly gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it on you.

  2. maggie Avatar

    wow! looking ridiculously awesome! :D

  3. Carey Avatar

    WOW that was fast! Lookin’ great!

  4. Chris Avatar

    Looking good! I was trying to calculate how long it would take me to get to that point, doing the colorwork. I calculated sometime late in 2007. :)

  5. Megan (H) Avatar
    Megan (H)

    laura, i’ve been checking on your progress and i’m totally impressed as usual. it really looks amazing, and i think the colours have really worked out. you’re on the home stretch! you can do it! wish i felt that way about the boy’s sweater. see you wednesday.

  6. jillian Avatar

    That’s amazing! And you do these complicated things so fast!!

    I’d have steam coming out of my ears :)

  7. Jen Avatar

    oh que c’est belle!


  8. Miss Twiss Avatar

    Good going! I’m routing for you! ! !

  9. toni Avatar

    It’s looking so fabulous!!

  10. lynette Avatar

    wow! i can see you finishing up by the closing ceremony.

  11. allison Avatar

    Ummm, amazing :) Congrats on an obviously productive weekend!

  12. Anny Avatar

    It looks gorgeous! And it came together so quickly too. Hang in there, you’re almost there ;0)

  13. Ariane Avatar

    So stunning! I can’t believe how fast you’re going… it’s beautiful, I’m inspired to try a sweater similar to it.

  14. Colleen Avatar

    Nobody is going to notice that because everyone is expecting the sleeves to be the same. It’s like a little bit of artists perogative.

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