losing steam?

Since I took this photo earlier this evening (earlier being about midnight!) I’ve added another motif to the sleeve, bringing it up to about 11.5″ long and 94 stitches (increasing to 108). I’m actually getting a bit sick of this – not the knitting really, but the yarn tangles and the changing colours and having weird floats up the inside. I’m hoping that when I have enough stitches to switch to a shorter circ, it’ll go faster and I’ll be more motivated – right now I’m reallllllly not looking forward to the second sleeve.

The body, it hasn’t seen much action the last few days but I’m going to focus on it for the next few – I need to finish the body so I know where I can end the sleeve. I’m thinking the sleeve will probably need to be 4 repeats long so I’m hoping it works out with the body being about 3 pattern repeats.







19 responses to “losing steam?”

  1. Bea Avatar

    That looks like it’s going to be really pretty. Often when I see fair-isles they look dated, or masculine somehow, but something about the motifs in this one are very feminine. The colours you’re using are subtle and wearable, too. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  2. Anne Avatar

    Oooh, but it’s beautiful. I did a Norwegian sweater for my son last year (started in July, finished in December… – I’m not a monogamous knitter – fidelity to one project is overrated in my opinion, but still, it went on forever) – and when it was done I swore “never again” – but then I see sweaters as beautiful as yours and I think we..ell… I _could_ do another one…

  3. Noo Avatar

    Keep on keeping on! It’s looking really great. The colours look very wearable, which is important when so much work goes into it. Just keep thinking about the FO!

  4. Briana Avatar

    It looks great! I’m sure you’ll be able to finish it!

  5. Chris Avatar

    Keep going! It’s really lovely.

  6. Theresa Avatar

    Looks great – I think the hard part is sticking to one project.

  7. naomi Avatar

    Do you not like using two circs, then?
    Whenever you finish it, though, that’s going to be a great sweater.

  8. jess Avatar

    oh! it’s gorgeous!

  9. Lissa Avatar

    My goodness that’s pretty. Do you think if we keep praising your beauteous work you won’t get so bored with it? ;)

  10. Susie Avatar

    As far as I’m concerned, you’ve already qualified for the gold just by having the temerity to start such a project on a deadline! It looks beautiful.

  11. maggie Avatar

    It’s looking gorgeous! I can’t even begin to imagine tackling something like that for my olympic challenge *faints*

  12. Jen Avatar

    OMG that is gorgeous! Question — when you talk about the weird carries of the yarn, I assume you are not cutting the colors to change? I think you are a more advanced knitter than me, but here’s what I did in between the stripes of my Harry Potter scarf — when I started a new color, I wove the old color behind the stitches for 4 stitches (like, using two-handed fair isle technique), then, when it came around time to use that color again, I wove it in 4 stitches before I needed to start the color. This gave me a series of zigzag floats on the inside (which needed slack so they didn’t pull in), but I didn’t have any weird gappies or anything. Hope this helps!

  13. Siri Avatar

    GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!

  14. Felicia from sweetgeorgia Avatar

    OMG. That is fantastic progress!! And it’s beautiful!

  15. Abbenormal Avatar

    You are a mad woman for being so ambitious, but it is gorgeous! Absolutley gorgeous!

  16. Suzuko Avatar

    Go for the Gold lady, Go for the GOLD!
    You are my knitting hero…I’m from the US, but I’m rootin’ for Canada for the Gold (you)!

  17. Julia Avatar

    Keep going, girl! It’s such a gorgeous sweater! The colors turned out fabulous, after all. [=)

  18. Anny Avatar

    …but it sure does look pretty though ;0)
    Hang in there, you’ll pull through.
    Don’t give up on it!

  19. jacqueline Avatar

    it is looking gorgeous. i admire your persistance…i don’t know if i could have committed myself to it.

    glad to hear you are back on track with the sleeve.

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