rainy nights

Torontonians: does it seem like it’s been raining a LOT? I’m starting to get tired of perpetually wet pant-bottoms. Ew. That said, the rain sure sounds nice when I’m all inside and dry with my knitting…

I have finally completed my commission knitting for the time being, so it’s on to bigger and better things!

Traveler’s Stockings
Pattern: Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush (love that book!)
Yarn: Louet Gems Pearl, dyed by me, 2 skeins
Needles: Knitpicks 2 mm, 32″ circ

Although the divine Ms. Bush calls for 3 skeins of koigu (same yardage as the Louet), I only used 2. Perhaps mine are a bit shorter in the leg than she calls for, but I still had a bit of yarn left from each ball. Whatev, now I have a third skein of this colourway to play with. Maybe anklets?

The knitpicks circs worked really well, especially for those traveling stitches! Addis would never have cut it for me. Unfortunately I did find that my hands tired faster with the metal needles, since I’m not used to them and they are more rigid than the bamboo I’m used to. Ah well, I shall continue to use whatever I have at my disposal.

Lovely pattern indeed, easy to read once you get through a bit of the first chart. The traveling stitches made it easy to keep track of how many rows were on each sock. I LOVE the back of the cuff.

Oh, and I swapped out the gusset heel for a short row one. I don’t have anything againt gusset heels, in fact I have quite a few pairs with one. But I find a short row heel is so nice because you don’t have to count or ever have more stitches than you started with. And now that I’ve got my technique down, it’s short row all the way.

No holes!

How about some yarn?

This is a skein of 100% tussah silk that I spun up as a 2ply, then dyed a nice deep blue. I have another skein I dyed a great raspberry colour, but it wouldn’t photograph well – now, the question is what to do with them?

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10 responses to “rainy nights”

  1. Anne Avatar

    Beautiful socks – and those short row heels are perfect – please, please – how did you do them? I’ve tried a variety of methods, and can’t avoid holes – esp when I start knitting in the round again.

  2. Dipsy D. Avatar

    Awww, I absolutely love the socks you’ve been doing, the pattern is divine! And so is the tussah silk, it looks so unbelievably soft and cozy!

  3. Janet Avatar

    Gorgeous! And yes, please, divulge your short row technique!

  4. Amanda Avatar

    I’m also looking forward to seeing how you do your short rows. Everything looks luscious.

    It’s been raining a lot in Montreal too.

  5. Leslie Avatar

    Lovely socks, and I have that book, so I’ll be trying them. I, too, have a problem with holes at the heel joins. Do you have a nifty trick you can share?

  6. kris Avatar

    Please, oh please describe your short row heel! Socks look fantastic!

  7. toni Avatar

    Very pretty! That pair is on my to-do list from that book along with about every pair Nancy Bush has ever designed.

  8. Jess Avatar

    Those short-rows look better than anything. ANYTHING.

    ALSO, yes. It has been raining like crazy… even in Mississauga.

  9. Pat Avatar

    Oh those are so pretty! Travelers Stockings are my next-in-line socks to knit and as the poll is looking now I think they will be the next “Knitting on the Road Along” sock for October. Yours are an inspiration to say the least!

  10. Laura Avatar

    Can I just echo everyone here and say those heels are friggin’ gorgeous and I’m dying to know how you do it? PLEASE! I love short row heels & toes, ’cause I’m all about the toe-up, but mine look like hiney.

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