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Check out the awesome socks Lori at Yarnbeans made with a skein of my handspun!

I can’t believe it – it’s not even midnight and I’m super duper tired. May have something to do with a stressful day, with more on the way. I still have lots of reading to do tonight though…

I do not think I will have enough yarn to complete the Sienna cardigan, judging by how much yarn the back has gobbled up. Time for a rip and re-think.

Knitpicks Gloss for Serrano – definitely worth swatching out; it’ll be on the heavier side (about 18 WPI versus Anne’s 21) but I think it could really work.

Feeling almost lost with knitting projects now that commissioned stuff is done for the time being. Almost. I keep feeling like I had this whole big list and now I can’t remember anything that was on it.

I am contemplating as to which skein of handspun to use for the facings of the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I don’t think I have the right one; I’ll have to spin something up. Damn.

I have two so so so close to being done sweaters that’ve just been sitting for awhile. Must. Finish. Maybe this weekend.

Off to swatch, knit, and read. Good thing this textbook opens out flat!

Edited to make this a longer post, get my rambly thoughts out, and of course procrastinate:

Current Projects
– black alpaca top-down pulli (just past the sleeve split)
– sienna (rip)
– plain trekking socks
– handspun socks
– blueberry greek pulli (just needs some seaming and blocking)
– VBC (damn buttons; i’m tempted to sew the front opening shut)

Upcoming projects
– er – Rhinebeck sweater?
– sienna reincarnated
– wanderlust hoodie from IK with Araucania Nature Wool Chunky
– #19 “Cabled Cardigan” from VK in Elann Highland Chunky (actually…maybe I’ll start this now)
– a knitty sweater
– another Lucy
– dare I say…Christmas knitting?

Oh, and I’ve got yarn for a cashmere tweed sweater, and a Polwarth sweater (i’m thinking cables, although I don’t have very much yarn), and a Polwarth/Silk shawl, and lots and lots of socks…

Dang. That’s one big list. And what about when the winter magazines hit the stands?!

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4 responses to “cool beans”

  1. Teresa Avatar

    Uhm, I think I need to lie down now just reading that post! I’m still trying to decide on what yarn and colour to use for the Lucy pattern you sent me. Note to self: see if Cosmicpluto Knits also sell excess energy.

  2. xiuxiu Avatar

    That is a very long list! Where do you get your excess energy??

  3. Val Avatar

    I’ve been enjoying your site for a while now, but I had to let you know: they sell these clear flexible thingies that hold you book open so you can use your hands… wouldn’t have knit a thing during my undergrad years without it. There are also some page weights you can buy at Chapters, and vertical book holders at cooking stores… Just in case you have to read one that doesn’t lie flat. Oh, and of course, LOVE your knitting, Limerick being my fave so far.

  4. dennymcmillan Avatar

    A new Rhinbeck sweater but not a warm one, a dressy girly sweater, or cami, or lacy wrap? For rhinebeck, o.k.

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