my little cabbage

I finished up the Mon Petit Chou hipsters, and they are so cute!

You can probably see some clear elastic sticking out near the top, I haven’t quite figured out how to secure that in yet. I laced up the sides with the same yarn. Here’s a modelled (and cropped) shot:

Mon Petit Chou
Pattern: from knitty
Yarn: Elann Esprit in “Ruby”, 2 balls
Needles: Denise US 6
Started: September 2, 2005
Finished: September 4, 2005

I also managed to finally finish a go with the flow sock. I think the next one will be faster (I hope).

The colour’s very accurate in that picture – and as you can see, my light tent technique really does consist of me just sticking my project under my topsheet.

I’ve been spending some quality time with my wonderful swift and winder, preparing for some new projects.

Check out that stack of handspun goodness on the right! That’s for a shawl – there’s going to be another colour as well, but that one’s still drying. In the middle are some lorna’s laces sock, for the second go with the flow sock and some sort of knee sock, probably. On the left is a stack of Elann Highland Chunky that’s been knit twice and is still holding up – I’m planning on doing the “Urban Aran” from Patons. I’ve already started once, but then I realized that I was way off on the sizing and ripped it out. I hope it’ll work out this time.

One last thing – my cheap retractable tape measure finally died, and I killed it. I pulled it out too far/too fast when trying to measure Cozy, and something broke inside. I need a new one.




20 responses to “my little cabbage”

  1. lyn Avatar

    I love your Mon Petit Chou! It’s sooooooooo pretty :-)

  2. grumperina Avatar

    Hehe, your bum looks great in those little shorties :).

  3. jacqueline Avatar

    i so want to make a pair of these….i even have the yarn! i just need to loose a bit more weight first.

    love your bum though…too cute.

  4. anna Avatar

    gorgeous shorts. the big question: do you think you’re going to wear them often?

  5. Carrie Avatar

    Look at your sassy pants! They are gorgeous! And I’m going to try that light tent thingy. thanks for the tip!

  6. Samantha Avatar

    They look great!!

  7. Lissa Avatar

    Fantastic ‘Chou! Did you have any trouble with the pattern?

  8. Jill Avatar

    Laura, your bum looks fantastic in that little number! Are you making the top too?

  9. Julia Avatar

    Oooo La La! You are a brave girl. If my tushie were in those tap pants, the “cropped” version would be invisible! You go girl!

    P.s. The socks are lovely, too!

  10. andrea Avatar

    ah, mon petit chou! i totally forgot about that pattern – and now, you realize, you’ve started a whole revivial with not just me but many others too, i’m sure. ;) it looks gorgous!

  11. winnie Avatar

    oi, that’s one cute petite chou. i think this is the first time i’ve seen it knit up. and bravo for the bum shot too. now we won’t have to wonder what it looks like on. and now that we know.. hm…….

  12. lynette Avatar

    woohoo! you look great in your tap pants! can’t wait to see the progress of the projects you have lined up with your new yarn.

  13. Miss Twiss Avatar

    Those little knickers are so pretty. That elastic, overlap it about 1cm, and give it a few cross stitches (2 x 4, or so) along the length, that should secure it enough. Then pull the seam through some knitted stitches so it is hidden.

  14. Tanti Avatar

    great color and lovely lace :)
    what about to wear as bikini for swimming? ;p you can layer it inside with something matching with the yarn color…

  15. Leigh Avatar

    Those drawers are hott to the hott! You’re the only person I’ve seen make those and they look adorable!

  16. Wanda Avatar

    Mon Petit Chou is really cute. I totally forgot about those. I don’t know if I would make something to fit my bum, but they are awfully cute. Although for the people that are commenting on your cute bum, umm, all I see is the Mon Petit Chou, so that is cute. I’ll leave the state of your bum to others!

  17. joyt Avatar

    The hipsters are Wonderful!!! Beautiful color too!

  18. johanna Avatar

    damn girl, you got one hot ass!

    clearly you’ve inspired ALL of us to knit those cute little panties. nice work!

  19. kimberly Avatar

    Great pants. You did a beautiful job. Did you really knit those in two days? Whoa, not bad. I’m impressed. Gorgeous work really fast, gotta love that.

  20. emy Avatar

    Hey, if the tape breaks, and if you don’t mind the mess, it’s still usable :)

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