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  • suddenly it’s Rhinebeck time!

    Geez, I knew it had been awhile since I’d blogged, but I didn’t realize just how long it had been! In September I was consumed with very tight deadline projects, but I got 5 projects out the door (2 knit by sample knitters, thank you so much ladies) and now I hardly know what to […]

  • I’ve Caught It

    The sewing bug! Before I started knitting, I was always into crafty stuff – friendship bracelets, seed beads, painting, clay, some cross stitch. In middle school (grades 6-8), we had “family studies” (aka home ec) which was half cooking and half sewing. There was a big family studies room with tons of sewing machines and […]

  • plane knitting

    As every knitter knows, the most difficult packing task is deciding on the knitting – how many projects, how much yarn, and what if you need that tool you hardly ever use? What if you RUN OUT OF YARN? When packing for TNNA this is compounded by the fact that it’s a needlecraft industry show […]