I am freaking out about the two exams I have left – one on Monday night and one on Tuesday afternoon. So I probably won’t be around the next couple days! But today I’ve actually got a couple of FO’s…

First off, a longstanding project, the Whitby socks.

Whitby socks
Pattern: “Whitby Socks” from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Louet Gems Opal, 2 50 g skeins
Needles: 2.5 mm bamboo circ
Finished: May 5, 2006

Why’d these take so long? Fun, easy to remember pattern; pretty chunky, soft yarn – well, I was saving it to do at work, and I did do most of the knitting while I was there (and since I was only in one day a week, I wasn’t getting that much time in on them). If you counted the actual days I worked on this pair, it’d certainly be less than a week. They really are fast, I just took my time.

The finished Dulaan raglan:

Cute sweater, super fast, and a stashbuster! I just hope it fits someone.

I made another hat, too – I was running out of both of the colours, so I just alternated them at the top.

And although I should really be spending about *all* of my time studying, I have done a wee bit of spinning as well (hey, gotta go something to unwind before bed). The white skein is one ply of merino and one ply of tussah, and is soooooo soft. I’ve got another skein of it done, too (slightly smaller skein). I think I shall dye it a slate grey-blue, perhaps. The one in back is the last skein spun up from the batts I got at the Frolic, a nice pinky-purpley-heathery colour.

Have a good couple days! I know I uh…won’t.

6 Responses to “hoo boy”

  1. Dipsy D.

    Wow, your FO’s turned out so gorgeous! I absolutely love the Whitby socks, and the Dulaan is so great as well – what a pretty color, and the yarn seems to cozy and soft!
    Fingers crossed for your exams, I’m sending over a couple of good vibes and you’ll see, you’ll be doing just fine! All the best of luck to you!

  2. Leslie

    Great job on the socks! I admire how you complete so many items so quickly. It’s always fun to see what you’re going to do next.

  3. Julia

    Such cute finished projects, every one! I can’t get over the Dulann sweater, so cute.

  4. Lucy

    I love the Whitby socks! I just made some cabled socks myself but I think I like that pattern even better. Wow.

    Having been to Whitby, England, last year, I have to wonder if that’s where the name came from…! :)


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