It’s 2015! plus a quick sock heel tip

reinforced sock heel

There’s just a dusting of snow on the ground and the wind is howling past an outer window that’s frozen a bit open, but it’s bright and sunny, I have coffee, and it’s 2015! 2014 was okay – some good stuff happened, I ate lots of good food, and made loads of stuff! I’m not feeling very reflective on the past year, mostly because I’m ready to get on with the next – which also includes eating good food and making stuff ;)

Much as I would have loved to, I couldn’t finish off all my old projects to start anew in 2015 – I have way too many sweaters in progress. I took a long vacation over the holidays and barely even knit, because I was too busy sleeping and playing Lego Batman 3. But I’m excited to be working on a new collection of sweater patterns this year – it’s getting a bit bigger than I originally intended, but that’s okay. I’ve been needing a larger project to really get into!

I did start some socks before Christmas with the intention of giving them to Dale, but of course they got pushed back (mostly in favour of cross stitch projects). They’re almost done now and I might be running out of yarn! I did make the leg a bit longer, so I was flirting with that possibility anyway. He won’t mind if one toe is a different colour.

Here’s a little sock knitting tip I shared on instagram – to help reinforce the bottom of the heel (especially in merino sock yarns like this one, Socks that Rock), I often continue the slip-stitch pattern from the heel flap through the short rows for the heel turn. Just work the heel turn as you usually do, but continue slipping the stitches that were slipped in the heel flap, and knit the ones in between. Once the short rows are complete, switch back to stockinette for the bottom of the foot.

reinforced sock heel

Housekeeping: VATMOSS

You may or may not have heard of #VATMESS, new legislation affecting digital goods purchased in the EU. It’s a large unholy crapfest! Ravelry has a great summary and has been working so, so hard to provide a solution for sellers who want to comply. Whether or not EU countries will come after me for a few euros a year, I don’t know, but I have decided to make my patterns available through the new Ravelry/Loveknitting portal. If you are in the EU and you click on a buy now link on one of my patterns, you will be taken to a Loveknitting checkout to purchase the pattern. Thanks to some magic by Casey, purchased patterns will still show up in your Ravelry library, so it should be seamless. I’m still in the process of making sure all my patterns on Loveknitting are properly set up, so please do let me know if you encounter any issues! I haven’t shut down other venues like Craftsy, we’ll see how that goes.

Bellevue Price Change

As a result of the Ravelry/Loveknitting integration, I’ve decided to make my Bellevue patterns available separately on Ravelry, as they have been in other places. The Bellevue Worsted Weight and Bellevue Fingering Weight patterns are now $7.00 CAD each. Castlegar and Tephra are both unavailable to the EU right now, but will be up again as soon as I can reformat them.

Send me your editing!

Last thing – I would love to do more tech editing in 2015. I have many years of knitting design and sweater grading under my belt, as well as Adobe suite and a quick turnaround. Email me if you’re interested!

Here’s to a fun, healthy, productive 2015!

orange socks

I can’t believe it’s already near the middle of August. I’m happy that fall is coming (this summer has been horrendously hot!), but the summer has just flown by. I’m knitting a ton of sweaters right now and hopefully I’ll be able to share them with you sooner rather than later.

I’ve had this skein of Socks that Rock lightweight wound into a cake forever, and wouldn’t you know it, I lost the ball band. So I have no idea what colourway it is. I remember that I wanted to buy Oregon Red Clover Honey, but I know I ended up with that one in mediumweight, not lightweight. I want to say it’s Muckity Muck, but I could be totally wrong.


Plain but satisfying. 68 sts on 2.25mm needles, 3×1 ribbing for the leg and top of the foot. Good, quick, fun socks. And with just a tiny bit left over.


I’m off to Halifax on vacation this week. Stay cool!

wednesday things

There’s so much I want to share with you all, but there’s lots still under wraps for the time being! I’m working hard on new patterns though.

In the meanwhile…more Wool-eater? Are you sick of this yet?

I laid out the squares I had completed, just to get a sense of how many I will need total for a full-size blanket.

crazy squares

The answer is…a lot. Maybe 3 times as many as I have? Each square is 7.25″ right now, and I’ll be adding another border round to each to tie it all together. Crazy colours, right? I also whipped up a BIG wool-eater square, out of some teal Cascade 220, for the front of a cushion cover.

medium square, big square!

It’s 12″ wide. I need to figure out how I’m going to do the rest of the cover – I’m thinking maybe just some nice grey wool in a plainer stitch for the back.

In case you missed it, the link to the pattern! Wool-eater.

I also finished up a pair of nice bright green socks – the yarn is Socks that Rock, but I appear to have misplaced the label when I tossed this ball into my sock yarn bin.

spring green socks

2.25 mm needles, 64 sts, plain and basic. What with all the projects I have on the needles that I have to think about, it’s really lovely to have a pair of plain socks on the go as well, for a break!