yellow, pink or grey?

Third time was a charm, and OSW is now waiting patiently for the weaving in of ends….so many ends, for some reason.

Meanwhile…I’m kind of feeling the urge again to knit the “jacke en apricot”, the jacket that gets around. Now, what colour to do it in…yellow, pink or grey?

Sorry about the crappy pictures today, indoor nighttime lighting isn’t very kind to picture-taking! From left, cotton-ease in banana cream, cotton-ease in strawberry pink (lauren’s strawberry jacket), all seasons cotton in some kind of off-white-grey colour (sort of like this one over at craftster, but more grey).

I have a favoured one – but what do you guys think?



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6 responses to “yellow, pink or grey?”

  1. jacqueline Avatar

    i’ve made a jacke in all seasons cotton but the colour soul. which is a dusky pink colour. i think all three of your colour choices are really nice though – so i’m probably not helping. if i have to choose one – i would make it in pink for myself (obviously) but i am kinda partial to the banana cream too … and i think that could look pretty special.

  2. Julie Avatar

    Now what is making you want to do it? I like domsticat’s account of doing it:

    NO to the greyish off-white. We want pretty. I think banana cream or strawberry pink will be very sweet.

  3. Karma Avatar

    I’m just finishing up my own Jacke and I’m using Rowan All Seasons Cotton. I love this yarn so much! If you use it, I would keep in mind that it’s more of an aran weight yarn and I believe the gauge specified for the pattern is more of a chunky weight yarn. So. I’m knitting at a smaller gauge and following the directions for the larger size, in order to end up at the smaller size sweater. Just an FYI. I’ve seen people knit this with ASC at the larger gauge and it looks a bit sloppy to me.

    As for color, I agree with Jacqueline the this pretty sweater should be in a pretty color, like the pink or banana. The grey is a bit more casual or utilitarian (for this pattern), but would look fantastic in something else.

  4. Stacey Avatar

    I’d do the yellow or the pink…..(I lean towards yellow)

  5. Samantha Avatar

    I like the strawberry coloured yarn for the jacket.

  6. Diana Avatar

    Hmmm, this is a tough decision. I like grey more and more these days, but for the Jacke in Apricot, yellow gets my vote.

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