Latest progress shot of the Dulaan raglan – it’s actually done now, save for the ends, but my camera batteries gave out before I could take a photo. It is so. cute. Obviously the sleeves are a different shade than the body, but who cares? It’s made with love. And lots of warm warm handspun.

I also knit a little hat out of leftover Lamb’s Pride Bulky – okay, so you can’t reallllly see it here, but it’s just a stockinette hat with a garter trim. Aw, Zeddy. Is that a Canadianism or what!

Annnndd…..I had been thinking about getting the plying head for my spinning wheel, to be able to do way huge skeins (250 g/8 oz!). It’s about a hundred bucks, plus tax, plus shipping. So what does the lovely Denny do? Dig around the house and come up with one!

This thing is HUGE. The yarn? That’s a normal yarn-doughnut-sized ball of rowan wool cotton, and the beginning of the back of VBC. Needs a bit of a cleanup and buffin’ up, and a bobbin, but hey – Denny rocks! Thanks Denny!

7 Responses to “well loved”

  1. Sandra

    Dulaan project turned out great. Looks so warm. Yes, it is knitted with love! Hello to Zeddy, lucky bustard with adorable hat!

  2. Julia

    The little sweater is so cute!! I like the big stitches, that’s great that it didn’t take very long to make.

  3. Vivek

    I looooove the hat for Zeddy! Both my brother and I had matching Zeddys and Klakkis (from the Kodak Kolorkins promotion) when we were yound and impressionable. Oh the memories!

  4. Jessica

    I am in search of a piece to my past and i have a zeddy that my long lost grandmother gave me, please help me and tell me where she could have gotten him. thanks~~you are incredibly talented!


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