I couldn’t help myself – I went a little photo crazy with my latest handspun! I think you can see why…


This top had such great blocks of colour, and I really wanted to preserve them. So I split the top vertically all the way down the length, and spun each half separately from end to end.


Then I chain-plied the singles into a very light, 3ply yarn.


I thought I had done a pretty good job of splitting the top evenly, but one skein is 15g heavier than the other! The heavy skein is also a touch thicker overall.



Fibre: Into the Whirled Targhee Top, purchased at Rhinebeck 2015
Structure: split lengthwise and spun end to end, chain plied
WPI: 20+
Skein 1: 49g, 259 yds
Skein 2: 65g, 270 yds
Total: 114g, 529 yds



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  1. lilirious

    LOVE your spinning! (and as already mentioned your camera skills!) note to myself: measure more often :P I always forget :)


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