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  • Achievement Unlocked: San Francisco!

    We’re returned from our jaunt to San Francisco! It was awesome. We attended my cousin’s wedding in Walnut Creek for the first few days – it was HOT but there were actually a few shops and restaurants in walking distance, even if it did take 4 pedestrian signals to cross under the highway! The hotel […]

  • Wednesday Eye Candy

    I couldn’t help myself – I went a little photo crazy with my latest handspun! I think you can see why… This top had such great blocks of colour, and I really wanted to preserve them. So I split the top vertically all the way down the length, and spun each half separately from end […]

  • Amsterdam, part 1

    Hello! It’s been awhile! We went to Amsterdam for a holiday last week and it was lovely. Of course the re-entry to real life is a bit jarring, but what’re you gonna do? Process photos! I sort of felt like I wasn’t taking very many, but it looks like between my big camera and my […]