Three socks on the go – how did that happen?

From left to right: plain sock in Vesper sock yarn, “Strange Little Mama” (ah, a throwback to my black-and-red days); shortie sock in Trekking; completed toe-up sock in leftover Lorna’s Laces “Irving Park”. I’m feeling the short-row-heel love. I should get that second toe done so I can knit the foot in class tomorrow…

New yarn, a bit of a departure for me – pale greens, blues and pinks, with sparkle.

Coming soon – rowanspun jacket inches enters the last hundred metres; a question of colour.

6 Responses to “sock sock sock”

  1. Leslie

    I love your socks! Just finished my first pair, so I can see how you could have more than one pair going at a time. I love all those colors!

  2. Andrea

    Ohhh… I’m loving the vesper sock. Must check that out when I’m at the store tomorrow for Hand Spinning.

  3. Aimee

    I have Vesper Sock Yarn envy. I’ve only heard of it in knitting legend, never actually seen it in person, but all the socks look great. I have some Lorna’s Laces sock yarn on the needles now, but it’s doing some funky pooling. Are you using your own pattern?

  4. Chris

    I have that Vesper colorway. Woo-hoo! And I can’t answer that question about how socks in progress multiply like that. I’ve had the same experience myself…


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