rhinebeck sweaters?

Yes, there shall perhaps be two!

k&s neckdown wrap

Not that exciting as far as pattern goes, but the yarn sure is pretty! This one’s the Knitting Pure and Simple Neckdown Wrap, in Dream in Color (“dusky aurora”). I think I started this one about two weeks ago, and have mostly been working on it while in the store. I’m actually farther along now – the body is done, one sleeve is done, and the other sleeve is halfway there. So that leaves half a sleeve, the neckband, and ties to go.

Then there’s the Noro Silk Garden wrappy sweater (yes, I *am* into wrap sweaters this year!)…

noro wrap sweater

Just half a sleeve and a good blocking to go. Go go go!



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14 responses to “rhinebeck sweaters?”

  1. Julia Avatar

    Oh. my. That colorway of DIC is beautiful. It will be such a lovely, softly shaded wrap. Yummy!

  2. Preita Avatar

    The color on the first sweater is stunning. I like wrap sweaters too, they are always so flattering. Can’t wait to see them both done.

  3. Lori Avatar

    Wow, that second sweater is Noro Silk Garden? What a lovely colorway! I haven’t seen it before. Both sweaters are great!

  4. Jane Avatar

    I’m love love loving the undyed Noro Silk Garden!

  5. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    I’m getting the concept of the Silk Garden sweater now. Looking forward to seeing it modeled.

  6. gleek Avatar

    they may look like simple sweaters but i believe that it’s the basic ones that get loved and worn the most! i can’t wait to see how the silk garden one turns out. great idea!

  7. Kelly Avatar

    Both sweaters look beautiful! Will keep an eye out for you in Rhinebeck! I’m working like a fiend on my Rhinebeck wrap sweater (back and one side now done)…

  8. Alice from france Avatar

    These both sweaters are really beautiful! I’m really curious of the construction of them, will you write up a pattern or a tutorial? They are really insteresting!
    I didn’t talk about the colors but, they are great too!
    I really like your knitting blog! It’s always beautiful and interesting!

  9. Miss Muffy Avatar

    That Noro is yummy – so different!

  10. jaya Avatar

    Oh my, that DIC is to die for! I think I might have to feel that sweater up (good news is, we can do it in person!) ;)

  11. alison Avatar

    Can’t wait to see them in person!

  12. barefoot rooster Avatar

    hi laura —
    i’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, and the wonderfulness of the online knitting community has prompted me to finally start my own blog — thus, time for me to delurk. i have had a hard time understanding the seemingly universal appeal of noro, but that natural colorway is beautiful. looking forward to seeing the completed wrap sweater!

  13. Karen Avatar

    Hi! Does this mean you will be at Rhinebeck for two days, or will you alternate sweaters – like they used to tell us to do with our shoes (Did anyone ever take that advice – buy two identical pairs of shoes and alternate them throughout the day? I thought not.).

    I am driven to start looking for a wrap sweater of my own – but not by the weekend. I will be the embarrassed looking person wearing polar fleece!

  14. green mama Avatar

    Wow, what a coincidence! I also have the Pure and Simple Wrap on the needles, in almost the same place! I love the colorway you have chosen, and its name is so fitting . . . Dream in Color. Happy knitting!

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