So when I found myself this week without a tote-around (read: lecture) project, I quickly cast on for a plain stockinette sock.

I think it’s coooooool. And knits up fast, even on 2 mm, because I just want to keep seeing the colours change!

I spun up a skein of 100% soy silk, about 95 yards of 2-ply.

It was rather odd to work with; the fibre falls apart really easily and sends up a lot of fluff. Damn sticky, too. It also seems to become overspun very quickly, when it actually isn’t. I found the easiest way to work with it was to use short lengths, and split the roving into pencil-width strips.

Not much else going on today – I’m making swatches and writing scarf patterns for a beginner lace class I’m teaching on Sunday morning. And working on my Charlotte.

Check this out:

I see a bird; boyfriend sees a fish. What do you think?

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19 responses to “perhaps”

  1. Kilsharion Avatar

    Definitely a bird. I love that yarn. What is it?

  2. Renata Avatar

    A Chinchilla!

  3. maggie Avatar

    I see a bird, and I *LOVE* the colours! what fun!

  4. Sumin Avatar

    :) A dinosaur!!!! Rawrrrrrr~

    I think I may have to copy what you do for lectures… Teehee.

  5. Patricia Avatar

    LOL – alpaca’s head.

  6. Alexa Avatar

    That soy silk looks pretty rad.

  7. Anne Avatar

    Oooooh – I WANT that yarn! What is it? Oh – and it’s definitely a kingfisher.

  8. jody Avatar

    it might be the green but i see a frog! and if i had to guess, i’d say it’s trekking 100.

  9. Heather Avatar

    Uh, I’m losing it, I see a dinosaur, a tropically colored one but a dinosaur no less.

  10. Deb Avatar

    Sadly, I see that annoying gecko from the even more annoying Geico insurance commercials (who says tv advertising doesn’t work?). If I look past that however, I see beautiful yarn!!

  11. Bad Hippie Avatar

    Did you use smaller needles for your ribbing? And, how many stitches did you cast on? I’m still a sock novice, and I’m thinking that you may have inspired me to get back on the sock bandwagon.

  12. Chris Avatar

    Mmmmmm – Trekking 100? I see a snake.

  13. Jo Avatar

    I absolutely love the colours in that sock – I could see them with a pair of jeans…

  14. Peg Avatar

    I’d say a bird and a tropical one at that! Good luck with the class! I love Charlotte’s Web, but that is also because I love the story! Just might have to give that shawl a try!

  15. Maja Avatar

    Adore that sock yarn. Do tell what brand it is (as if I don’t have enough sock yarn). It is just gorgeous.

    Siamese fighting fish.

  16. lucinda storms Avatar

    a frog…
    please tell me what that sock yarn is – i neeeed a pair of those socks.

  17. Brianna Avatar

    A gorilla.

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