Modelled pic? Maybe another day.

One Skein Wonder, with sleeves
Pattern: by Glampyre, modified by me
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine, “Orchid”, 3 skeins
Needles: Denise US7
Started: July 28, 2005
Finished: August 14, 2005

So it took longer than I thought, but it was actually very quick knitting. The Shine is gorgeous, I love it! This should be just the thing for over-air-conditioned lecture rooms. Not that I’ll be in lecture for the next few weeks…I finally get a vacation after tonight’s exam! Woohoo!

Anyway, I finally finished up some spinning as well.

“Spruce”, 206 yards. It’s so lovely and soft! I wish I’d bought some more of this wool blend when I had the chance. Currently spinning up some blue/purple of the same wool; hopefully I’ll start a shawl like Adrian’s.

I also finished knitting Elspeth, although after this picture was taken I ripped back a bit on one of the fronts to fix it…as you can see, I didn’t do partial motifs, which resulted in some..funky spaces.

Now I just need to sew it up by Wednesday so Denny can do my crochet (right Denny?).

7 Responses to “osw”

  1. Cheryl

    That “Spruce” yarn is just beautiful. So even and light and airy. I have to admit, I envy your skill!

  2. Samantha

    I love your long sleeved OSW … are you going to be sharing your modifications??? :) The colour is great, btw.

  3. Jill

    Looks good Laura…by the way, I’m wearing the tank you gave me to work today and I’ve already recieved a few compliments on it. Thanks.


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