oooh, pretty

A milestone – I finally wound some of my handspun into a ball!

This was some of the “early collection”, all done on my drop spindle. It’s really quite underplied, but the colours are GORGEOUS. I adore the knitted fabric, and hey, at least it’s balanced. This was my first time knitting with my handspun! I didn’t know much about spinning when I did this stuff, so it isn’t as lofty as I think I could make it now (plus that plying thing), but I think it’s beautiful.

Currently blocking on my floor (although it’s probably dry by now):

It’s Fiber Trends’ Shoalwater Shawl, knit in Hand Maiden Lace Silk for lettuce knit. It’s finally done! And it looks marvelous all blocked out. All that in only 1 skein – it’s about 70″ across the top.



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9 responses to “oooh, pretty”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Good for you!
    All of it looks truly amazing. As always, very impressive.

  2. Cheryl Avatar

    The handspun colors are gorgeous. And it knits up into a beautiful fabric!

  3. Shannon Avatar

    How do you find the drop spindle?? I’m considering doing some spinning myself but I dont know anyone who spins. Any advice to offer? One thing you wish somebody had have told you in the begining?

    Great site by the way, I read it regularly. Cheers.

  4. Jessica Avatar

    Yay for first handspun. It looks very cool.
    Your shawl looks lovely too. Great work!

  5. Karma Avatar

    Such pretty colors!

  6. Anna Avatar

    Amazing handspun, love the colours!

    Lettuce Knit is such a cute store. If only Kensington Market were at my immediate disposal. :(

  7. Vicki Avatar

    oooh, VERY pretty…love those colors.

  8. Emy Avatar

    Love those colors!

  9. Beatknit Avatar

    That handspun is gorgeous! Must Learn To Spin!

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