on vacay

Ahhh, now that’s the stuff. Wake up late, stay inside in the coolness watching Sabrina (the newer version) on tv and spinning some gift yarn, going outside to pick fruit and take photos when the fancy strikes. Lots of photos ahead!

This is my big sweet cherry tree. Photo taken from the deck, so it’s like a mid-height view. It is *covered* in cherries. Lots of clumps, so it’s hard to show them all, but –

It’s one of them grafted-together trees, so it’s got different kinds of cherries growing on it – the ones at the top that are looking lovely and dark (and are too high for me to currently get at with an 8-ft ladder) while the ones near the bottom right are the light yellowy kind.

I think megan h. is coming over tomorrow to pick cherries – and I’ll probably be giving them away to just everyone! Perhaps getting into some cherry preserves making…it’s really too horrible that my boyfriend is allergic to cherries. I’m thinking cherry ice cream (I made dark chocolate ice cream today, with a custard and everything, and it turned out very, very yummy). And then there’s the sour cherry tree as well – pie!

Raspberry ‘patch’: this is the biggest clump of raspberry bushes, but they’re all around the house – they just keep spreading! Raspberry sorbet, here I come…

One last garden shot – my container veggie garden, growing quite well. The three in the back are all different kinds of tomatoes. Left to right in the front, eggplant, burgandy beans, carrots, and squash – I know those last ones are little right now, but I know the squash and beans are pretty fast growing. We’ll see.

In the theme of green and red, some yarn and knitting!

Wool/silk two ply. Love those greens!

The start of a handspun sock. Thick-ish (2.5 mm needles) but hey, they’ll be out of my handspun!



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10 responses to “on vacay”

  1. Angela Avatar

    very nice cherries and raspberries! I picked cherries from my backyard today too *^_^*

  2. Jennifer Avatar

    Ooh, gorgeous looking cherries! You’ve got quite the green thumb.

  3. Lily Avatar

    Your cherries and raspberries are making me green with envy! My childhood home had a mulberry tree in the backyard, and every summer my grandma and I would go out, pick a bowful and feast on them.

    Your yellow cherries definitely beat mulberries though.


  4. amyKnitty Avatar

    please bring some cherries on wednesday! we can float them in punch or something!
    (you lucky dog. :-) i LOVE cherries!)

    see you soon!

  5. Leslie Avatar

    You are so lucky to live where you can grow cherries and raspberries. They look delicious. I’ve got two tomato plants going, but nothing yet to eat. Maybe in another month.

  6. alison Avatar

    Sour cherry pie is one of my favourite things in the Whole World. I’m drooling.

  7. Noo Avatar

    You are so lucky to have such a glut of fruit to work with. I was dying to find a head of elderflower when I was making gooseberry fool the other day, but it’s hard to come by in the centre of London! I can’t wait until I have a garden.

  8. Julia Avatar

    Congratulations on your beautiful, fruitful garden! What a nice place to live. And your green yarn is bee-yoo-tiful, I love the colors you chose.

  9. Chris Avatar

    Oh, I wish I lived close enough to come over and pick cherries! Um, and maybe steal that green wool/silk. :)

  10. Dorothee Avatar

    If you like jam, you could make cherry-and-walnut-jam with the sweet cherries. That jam is just so delicious!

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