Argh! I keep wanting to blog, but the time, she flies!

Today I went to the Yarn Store (the Big One in town) to return some yarn, buy some yarn, and just shop. As usual, I became a bit overwhelmed by it all. Usually I’ll find some nice stuff, but I’ll hem and haw and put it back. I find it so uninspiring in there…anyway, onto the goods. I managed to walk out with the yarn I needed (a skein of Butterfly cotton) and a teeny bit of silk.

And bonus, I only paid $9 after returning some yarn! The Butterfly cotton was for a you-know-what…

Obviously it’s not 100% accurate, but whatever.

I also stopped by Zellers on the way home and picked up some cotton for my mom’s bolero, TLC Cotton Plus. By the way, Zellers has a wayyyy better yarn selection than Wal-Mart, at least between the two I visited. Fancy acrylic over at Zellers.

Last but not least, Christmas present socks for my sister.

Aren’t the stripes nifty? I want some of the blue/green colourway for myself. Anyway, this pic was taken earlier this evening, before and hour of tv, so I’m just about done! One to tick off the list…many to go.

5 Responses to “an ounce of the good stuff”

  1. Kristin

    I know what you mean about the Big yarn store. I think for me it’s because it is so dark in there it makes it hard to see what the colours are really like.

    I love that sock yarn, what is it? I love self striping yarns that are just plain stripes like that (as opposed to that jaquard stuff with the broken strippy bits) but it’s so hard to find.

  2. Kelly

    I know what you mean about That Store, too. Sometimes all that yarn is just too much and you can’t see the trees for the forest…or however the saying goes. ;p

  3. KnitPastis

    Hey I like using the TLC Cotton Plus yarn. Is that color in Navy? I can’t get navy around here. Also I like the orange yarn you are using for your new sweater, what yarn is it?


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