new lens eye candy

I’m completely enamoured of my new lens. To celebrate, some random photos! Mostly flowers, because, well, they make awesome subjects. I really need to practice with some yarn though!

my first macro!

my first macro!

japanese-y flowers

forget me nots

Some new plain ribbed socks out of Regia Cotton on the go:

mmm, macro

And my favourite of the day, a dandelion – the prettiest annoying weed there is.

me too!

P.S. In case you missed it in the last post, the lens I got is a Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5!



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21 responses to “new lens eye candy”

  1. jackie Avatar

    I must get one. Good shots. very nice pics.

  2. Maryse Avatar

    Nice photos! Incredibly pretty flowers! What a gift from nature!

  3. Estella Avatar

    Love your flower pictures. I read a fact yesterday that a dandelion has over 100 seeds in each of those lovely puffballs! That’s a lot of dandelions! :)

  4. Georganna Avatar

    Oooo – gorgeous photos! Note to self. . . get a macro lens. . . someday?

  5. red Avatar

    Gorgeous pictures. Also, now inspired to make a giant granny square afghan. Talk about an easy stashbusting, TV watching/book reading project.

    But my question is: what’s the plant with pink flowers and red leaves. That’s just gorgeous.

  6. Elizabeth Avatar

    Stunning! Simply Stunning!

  7. albi Avatar

    Very nice pics.
    Love your flower pictures.

  8. Debbie Avatar

    I don’t think you could have gotten a better lens. What kind of camera do you have? I want one of those lenses for my Canon.

  9. --Deb Avatar

    Beautiful shots! I so want a macro lens for my camera… (grin)

  10. darlene Avatar

    absolutely lovely shots!

  11. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Amazing photos. It’s probably wrong of me, but as soon as you mentioned the need to practice on some yarn I was, “yeah, and excuse to buy more yarn!”

    Umm, yes, yarn shopping is habit forming.

  12. Meredith Avatar

    Very nice! I’m in the market for a new lens for my Nikon as well. Great shots!

  13. Kris Avatar

    Simply stunning photos!

  14. karen Avatar

    your pictures are fantastic.

    I just broke my 50mm1:1.8, I miss it terribly.

  15. Kala Avatar

    Even though I’m horribly allergic to dandelion fluff, that picture is gorgeous!

  16. Meredith Avatar

    I love the forget- me- not shot.
    They are the most romantic flower….

  17. Karen Lauterwasser Avatar

    That is one magic lens – not to mention the talented eyes behind it. I look forward to lots of awesome yarn photos in the future – although I would not say no to more flowers either. Looking at the flowers, I feel like I am there.

    Oh, and the new cardigan looks pretty awesome as well. I need to make myself a sweater soon – this one will go on my list!

  18. Robyn Gallimore Avatar
    Robyn Gallimore

    Love the sweet baby redbud leaves. So fresh and new. Work that camera!


  19. Lara Avatar

    I was blown away by the quals photos in your later posts & now see why! Soooo gorgeous! I esp. love the leaves here.

  20. Gabriella Adams Avatar

    i own several Canon L Lenses and they have the best quality. even better than Nikon.,**

  21. Anthony Penso Avatar

    Hello. Excellent job you done here dude. I didn’t imagine this. It’s a great story. Thanking you!

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