new and improved, kinda

So this week I decided it was time to just bite the bullet and buy myself a new camera body! I love the lenses I use (Sigma 30mm f/1.4 and 17-70mm f/2.8-something) but I felt like it was time for a body upgrade. The body I was using, a d40, has been discontinued for awhile now and I’ve been ogling a new one for the last few months! I got a Nikon d5000.

This is definitely a fair upgrade – double the megapixels, Live View, takes HD video, great sensor, but still in a more compact body than the spendy-but-awesome d90. There were a few things that made me choose the d5000 over the d90. Price was a big one, the d5000 being more than a couple hundred dollars cheaper. I’m used to the display of the d40 and the d5000 is quite similar, and the size and shape are similar as well. The d5000 is a touch bigger than my old camera, but not as big as the d90. Since I have teeny tiny hands that’s important to me! (Although of course if someone wanted to sell me a d90 for the same price or something I certainly wouldn’t refuse). The d5000 also has an interval timer, meaning you can take more than one timed shot at a time.

One of the biggest things that sold me on the d5000 was the “vari-angle” LCD screen. This means the screen flips out and rotates. Perfect for self-portraits, or in my case most of the time, knitting pattern shots! So cool, right? Well…

I got a new camera but

The LCD screen hinges from the bottom. Which is great if you want to say, use the live view and the LCD to hold the camera up high and still see what the camera sees. But it’s going to be useless for my self portraits. Can you see why? Yup, it won’t play with a tripod. You can’t put the camera down on something and still see the screen. This was a pretty poor choice on the part of Nikon – the screen should have hinged from the side, making it available at pretty much all times.

So overall I’m happy with the photos, and the displays, and I’m happy I bought this camera. But I really, really wish that the LCD could have been used as I imagined – mounted on a tripod, able to see myself and make sure I was in the photo and what the framing looked like. Oh well. It does take pretty photos! The first thing I noticed was that the colours were much easier to capture and truer to life, straight off the camera. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it yet, but a couple of knitting photos:

swap hat

(A hat for a swap we’re doing at Rhinebeck! So excited! THREE WEEKS!)

third rhinebeck sweater

This colour, Madelinetosh’s Composition Book Grey, was pretty tricky for my old camera. With the new one, presto!

I’m trying to get this sweater done in time for Rhinebeck – the sleeves are done, but I keep having to restart the body. Even just now I looked down at it and realized I should’ve done more hem shaping. Once I think of something like that, I can’t just let it pass, so I guess I’m ripping yet again!



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14 responses to “new and improved, kinda”

  1. Wendolene Avatar

    So much to consider when purchasing a camera! Your d5000 sounds pretty good–and the colors *are* incredible!
    Can’t wait to see the Rhinebeck sweater : )

  2. Mel North Avatar

    There’s nothing like getting a camera upgrade! I recently upgraded from the D50 to the D90 (got lucky with an insurance claim!) and, wow, what a difference! The D5000 is a gem of a camera, I look forward to seeing your new photos.

  3. Jaime Avatar

    :-) As soon as I read the first few sentences I was like “OMG! We both did that again..” . That’s because when you got your last camera, it was about the time I got my D60 and I actually followed some of your notes about lenses and such because I didn’t know about that at the time. And now, I just got my D5000 a little over a week ago! I love it, don’t you? I’m especially smitten with the swivel LCD monitor, the live view (that I missed desperately since my point and shoot has it) and the fisheye edit. Yay for a new camera. :)

  4. Asti Avatar

    Oh, I so want to upgrade my d40. I love it but feel it’s time to move on. Totally hear you on the difficulty in capturing yarn colours. Off to fo some research ;)

  5. Monika Avatar

    Yay, you did it – a new camera, congratulations! :-)
    Love the Madelinetosh grey and how it’s captured. It looks almost “velvetish”.

  6. Maryse Avatar

    It is a good investment for you since tempting us with your great knitted patterns is part of your job! It must be nice to be able to easily capture the true colors. This is something I cannot always do with my camera… Cheers!

  7. Monique Avatar

    Good for you lady. Your pictures look great, but they always do. The D5000 was in the running when I was looking for a camera this summer. I went with the Olympus E-PL1. I agree with you about the hindge on the bottom, in that it should be on the side. At the time, I didn’t even think of an articulating screen, now I yearn for one! It will definitely be on my shopping list for my next camera.

  8. Bee Avatar

    I absolutely love the Madelinetosh’s Composition Book Grey yarn. Your new camera captured it perfectly.

  9. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Gorgeous photos! I want to go to Rhinebeck, but it is not in the cards for this year!

  10. Brandi Avatar

    Ahhhh, so much to consider for a new camera! I need to learn the anatomy on my. I just tinker around and cross my fingers that the pictures look good and true to life.

  11. Paula Avatar

    Your pictures look awesome! I’ve got mine d3000 and still learning how to use it. Cheers!

  12. judi Avatar

    Love the swap hat for Rhinebeck. Any chance of a pattern becoming available for that one? Thanks

  13. Monique Avatar

    Curious. Can you AF with the Sigma lenses when using your Nikon cameras?

  14. Saffron Avatar

    Congrats on your new camera! I can totally relate. I just ordered a new ‘used’ camera and I can’t wait for it to get here!! :)

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