May 7-8: Manchester, part 2

Blogging was interrupted a bit by dodgy internet access! Here’s hoping it’s better in the next place…

anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Saturday evening in Manchester my hostess Elizabeth invited a bunch of Manchester knitters over for a potluck! There was tons of food, lots of knitting and great chat. And I made butter tarts for a Canadian treat.

knitters party

butter tarts

In the morning I headed off just a couple of blocks to Purl City Yarns, who had me in for a lovely tea and knitting/chatting session! Unfortunately, Canada Post has let me down yet again – the “3 day guaranteed” box that I sent 7 days prior never made it, and it was full of samples to show off. We had a lovely time anyway.

Purl City Yarns

Purl City Yarns

The rest of the day I just walked around some more, went to Cornerhouse, walked through the galleries and bought some magazines in the shop. Didn’t go to a film though – I wasn’t really up for subtitles. I had a lovely dinner that evening at Ning in the Northern Quarter.


buildings in Manchester


crochet on skirt

dinner at Ning



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4 responses to “May 7-8: Manchester, part 2”

  1. Penny Avatar

    I hope your samples catch up with you soon! I loved Ning when I lived in Manchester! Must go there again soon! :)

  2. Brandi Avatar

    Sorry your samples didn’t make it but it looks like you had a lovely time.

  3. Elizabeth Avatar

    We loved having you visit! And your pictures of Manchester as making me appreciate the place even more — hope the rest of the trip is great too!

  4. Beth Avatar

    Really enjoying these travel posts, Laura. Don’t know what the Royal Mail is like now, but when I lived in the UK it was SO much better than Canada Post.

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