Monday Things

panoply of peacocks

I started a new quick project with some Alisha Goes Around worsted weight that’s been marinating in my stash for years. This awesome green is a little tough to photograph, but I think it’ll turn out nicely.

crab stitchin'

My crocheted blanket is finally done! I did a couple rounds of double crochet, then a round of crab stitch around the whole thing. Just needs a bath.

Aaaaaaand, guess what! I’m now a Craftsy blog writer!

Check out my first post! It’s the first in a series of Spinning Basics. Great info to know whether you’re an experienced spinner or just starting out. I’m really excited to be writing for Craftsy, and I hope you’ll check out the blog!


Tax Refund

I haven’t been able to buy much in the way of fun stuff lately due to lack of funds, but I did get a tax refund! So after putting a bunch of it aside for this year’s taxes (responsibility!) I ordered some more yarn to finish up my crocheted blanket.

alllllmost done

alllllmost done

It’s so close to done now – just a couple rounds of double crochet around the whole thing for a border, and the ends. I’m not planning to write up a pattern for this but here’s what I did with the Wool-eater pattern:

  • I used a size F / 3.75mm crochet hook and fingering weight yarn: scraps of Koigu, STR, and Casbah for the edgings.
  • I worked 4 tiers for the square centres, joining new colours for each tier.
  • For the solid border on each square, I worked a Round 3 (cluny group round) then a round of double crochet, with a couple chain stitches between the dc’s on the corners.
  • Then I slip-stitched the blocks into rows and then the rows together.
  • The 16 blocks with borders, put together, measures 36″ square, but it’ll be a little bigger once I put the last border on.

new fibres

I also ordered some colourful new spinning fibres! These pretties are from Woolgatherings on Etsy.

So Close, So Little Yarn

I’m almost done my Wool-Eater blanket!


I have 16 squares, and 12 of them are joined.


But true to its name, this blanket ate up all my border yarn (Handmaiden Casbah). I could’ve sworn I had more yarn, but I did look through most of the stash the other day and came up empty. There are still 2 squares that need borders, then to be joined into a row.

I do have a recipient in mind for this piece so I’d really like to actually get it done! I think I’ll have to take another really good look into the stash, then if I really can’t find any more yarn, maybe I’ll have to go out and see about finding more of the yarn. It’s going to be tricky though, because Handmaiden colours can vary pretty wildly.

And then there’s the ends. Man, the ends.