Category: crochet

  • Some February Colour

    Getting back to a longstanding crochet project. Prepping these skeins of handspun for sale! I’ll let you know when they go up.

  • keep swimming

    I’ve been laying pretty low this summer, but I’ve got lots of plans for the week and so much on my to do list! It seems like fall is my time to come out of hiding. I’ll be at the Downtown Knit Collective’s meeting this Wednesday, September 18, for the Twist Collective fashion show! The […]

  • Crafting Galore

    My crafting mojo is really strong right now! Maybe it’s because it’s been so hot out, I’ve been staying home surrounded by all my delicious crafty supplies. I finished knitting a deadline sweater (still needs ends, blocking and oh yeah, the pattern) and was immediately gripped with the urge to start something new, despite all […]