Tax Refund

I haven’t been able to buy much in the way of fun stuff lately due to lack of funds, but I did get a tax refund! So after putting a bunch of it aside for this year’s taxes (responsibility!) I ordered some more yarn to finish up my crocheted blanket.

alllllmost done

alllllmost done

It’s so close to done now – just a couple rounds of double crochet around the whole thing for a border, and the ends. I’m not planning to write up a pattern for this but here’s what I did with the Wool-eater pattern:

  • I used a size F / 3.75mm crochet hook and fingering weight yarn: scraps of Koigu, STR, and Casbah for the edgings.
  • I worked 4 tiers for the square centres, joining new colours for each tier.
  • For the solid border on each square, I worked a Round 3 (cluny group round) then a round of double crochet, with a couple chain stitches between the dc’s on the corners.
  • Then I slip-stitched the blocks into rows and then the rows together.
  • The 16 blocks with borders, put together, measures 36″ square, but it’ll be a little bigger once I put the last border on.

new fibres

I also ordered some colourful new spinning fibres! These pretties are from Woolgatherings on Etsy.







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  1. Linda Avatar

    I am not a fan of crochet, but this is just beautiful.

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