hmm, that’s a bit better

I’ve been getting comment spammed like WHOA. After realizing that I’d deleted over one THOUSAND comment spams in less than a week, I realized something had to be done! I upgraded my WordPress and installed a plugin that seems to be doing the job (although some spam is still making it through).

In the meanwhile, I’ve been busy spinning up a storm. Why yes, the spinning has been taking over the knitting a bit. But knitting pictures next time, I promise!

These are two skeins of skinny skinny stuff I’ve been spinning up – one thicker, one skinnier. Check it out: skinnier on the left, louet gems pearl in the middle, thicker on the right. These are both three ply merino!

I also motored through these singles from a single piece of Fleece Artist roving (I think it was BFL) – I loooove the colours. It’s charcoal with sections of bright teal and green.

And after two weird failures with the weavette (curling squares), I finally got this one to be flat. The colours remind me of a country kitchen, or something. Warp is handspun blue/red, weft is yellow Merino Style.

Finally, I finished my Soumak weaving piece. It’s small (about 9 cm x 8 cm, or 3.5″ by 3.25″) but awesome!

*click to see the back*

Unfortunately I hadn’t really left enough warp at the bottom edge to tie off properly, so I had to kind of wing it. This is about the maximum height of piece you can get off the 6×6 Weavette, I’m thinking (you could get wider than I’d done). Super fun!

Knitting progress next up. And dyeing results!







6 responses to “hmm, that’s a bit better”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Oh, very cool with the skinny skinny yarn – sock yarns??

    I must try my weavette soon – you’re making such lovely stuff. I looked at the Weavette book and decided there was no way in the world I was following those patterns…

  2. Jana Trent Avatar

    Re: soumak. I love it! This has serious jewelry applications, don’t you think? Or applique?

  3. Lisa Avatar

    I love your weaving experiments….seeing the Weavette on your blog inspired me to order one, too. Your woven squares look very even; do you ever have a problem with things getting tight? Sometimes it seems a little harder than it should be, which probably means my yarn is too heavy.
    Thanks for showing the Soumak weaving. Now I have another technique to try-

  4. Eve Avatar

    I positively love your little weaving piece. I think it’s really interesting, how different contemporary soumak weaving is from the traditional style that’s more geometric and symmetrical. It’s like freeform soumak. Very neat, I’m definitely going to try it!

  5. Leah Avatar

    How cool! Everyones weaving! I might have to get in on this…oh no, another hobby haha

  6. Jessica Avatar

    I’ve just started soumak weaving and I found your blog while searching for resources. Yours looks like the only other one that I’ve found…. I’m not entirely sure about mine.

    I have a question that I couldn’t find the answer to elsewhere – you know the two weft threads that you actually weave in at the top and bottom of the work? what do you do with them at the end, they’re not attached to anything, do they just slip out?

    Also, I think I’m going to have to sew some of mine together because I have too much that is vertical in one color so they don’t really stick together in some places, but, is that ok?

    Also, the front and back look different but they both could be the front, right?

    Would you mind posting pictures of how you do your knots? I’m pretty sure I’m doing it right but I’m not positive…and it’s someone confusing to go from left to right and then right to left, it seems everything doesn’t switch the way it should.

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