Category: weaving

  • two weeks

    Um, yikes. Time’s going by rather alarmingly quickly, isn’t it? This scarf has been on my rigid heddle loom (Ashford 24″) for months and months, since before I moved! It was even still in its plastic garbage bag under my desk until I decided this week that it was high time to finish it. And […]

  • etsy update december 8

    I just put up three new woven scarves in my Etsy shop! The one on the right is my favourite, I love how colourful yet muted it is! Weaving is awesome.

  • a spinner is born

    So back at Rhinebeck,my travel buddies Cheryl and Andrea both decided on Sunday afternoon that it was high time to look for a spindle and some roving and get spinning! Obviously I was rather pleased, having both of them turned by the wool fumes…buahaha. With that goal and a tight budget for this whole spinning […]