It is most certainly sweltering (I was dying working at the store on Friday and Sunday morning) but in my house I’ve got the nice AC to keep me cool and knittin’! Not to rub it in the faces of those who don’t, of course.

I finished a little ankle sock, out of Elann Esprit, as the demo sock for the toe-up class that I taught. But I don’t think it will ever have a mate – the gauge is too loosey-goosey, because I only had 3.75 mm dpns (since I do most of my socks magic loop, I didn’t want to confuse the students…). It’s cute though. There shall be more.

And I just got my Pakucho cotton form Elann! I got 12 of natural and 14 of forest.

The big news – I have finally, finally finished the gusset/strap for the monk’s satchel. Working on the pockets now – 8″ should be a breeze after 80! Then there’s the icord, and a swatch for sewing up with, and everything will go in the washer and dryer to be shrunk up. At this point I don’t even know if I want it that much, but oh well.

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5 responses to “hey,”

  1. lyn Avatar

    How do you like the Pakucho cotton? I love the natural shades they come in :)

  2. julie Avatar

    Wow, the pakucho came quickly. I’m in Hammy right now, at “Mac,” and wonder if my package came today. The colours look gorgeous. Do you like the forest? Are you happy with the order? Want to start the cable 8 top with me this week?

  3. Erin Avatar

    The “clear out” doesn’t apply to most stuff – It’s mostly crap acrylic, no needles, no patterns. Nothing really great. I basically cleared her out of the cotton. Everything else is regular price. I wouldn’t waste my time heading all the way down here….but I’ll let you know how the new owner does things – maybe she’ll pick up nicer stock.

  4. Carolyn Avatar

    the anklet is so cute! I have been eyeing that cotton…but no project idea for it…what are you making with it? I think I should just get some before it is all gone!

  5. Samantha Avatar

    Mmmm cotton. I love working with Cotton though I’ve never worked with Pakucho cotton. What’s it like? Delicious, I imagine!! :) The colours you chose are lovely!

    The ankle sock is cute! That’s the kind of sock I need to learn to make so I can make myself a ton of them for the summer — I’m one of those weird people who likes to wear socks in the summer.

    Happy Knitting!

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