giving thanks

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I’m grateful that I have so many nice readers and that this is somewhere that I can share my thoughts! Today I had a day off from the store for Thanksgiving, and I spent it doing lots of crafty stuff (in addition to the cooking that I didn’t photograph!).

Big finishing day/weekend, actually – I finally finished up some socks that I had lingering around on the needles, out of Jojoland Melody superwash.

73.365 - finally!

These were an experiment – I tend to knit quite loosely, and although I usually do my socks on 2mm needles, I don’t get a really satisfactory gauge. I mean, it’s okay, but not as tight as I’d like sometimes. So for this pair, I used a 1.5mm/US000 addi turbo needle and did magic loop on 72 stitches (I usually do 64). You know what? After lingering for so long and working on them off and on for months….they’re a little small. Sigh. Oh well, I’ll probably wear them anyway. Probably shouldn’t put them in the dryer, though…

I also finally cast off the first of my stripey knee socks, knit out of Indigo Moon sock yarn.

casting off

Here’s hoping the second one goes a little faster! This sock was actually really not too bad to knit, but I kept putting it down in favour of other projects. So I’m thinking that the second sock will be my Rhinebeck car project.

I also managed to do a little handsewing (my machine’s a bit buried, so needle and thread it was) to finish off the elastic waist of my roundabout hemp skirt.


Pattern’s forthcoming, even as we head into the cooler months. I think the skirt would be great knit out of a nice sturdy wool.

And a little more weaving in of ends and blocking…and more brown/pink.

we have thumbs!

I finally knit the thumbs of these koigu mittens this weekend, and now they’re all done. In this photo the mitten on the right is blocked, the one on the left isn’t. There’s a really big difference in person, as per usual with blocking! Now they’ve both had a dunk, and I spent the evening working on the pattern – so as soon as I get some photo taken, the pattern for these will be going up. I’m hoping for before Rhinebeck.

Speaking of which, are you going? I’m super excited!



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20 responses to “giving thanks”

  1. Debbie Avatar

    Beautiful socks and mittens!! Hope your feeling better today…

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Guro Avatar

    The blogosphere is great that way sometimes. Glad you got the support you needed:)
    Your finished knits look great and I’m really looking forward to seeing that skirt finished and modelled.

  3. Jennie Avatar

    Glad you’re feeling better!! The socks look great! Luv the mittens too. :)

  4. fleur Avatar

    I could not comment yesterday, but was in heart with you :-) Nice socks!

  5. Carol Avatar

    All the projects look great, especially the mittens! Keep your chin up and think of the fun of Rhinebeck. I’m going – and feverishly knitting away on Linden from Twist Collective so I can wear it. (Watch us have a heatwave :) )

  6. Lindseyrose Avatar

    I love your mittens! I’ll be at Rhinebeck!!!! I’m so excited!!

  7. Dr. Steph Avatar

    I notice that a) she has no comments and b) she’s a bitch. I would have said that in her comments, but then, that would have acknowledged her and why would I want to do that?

  8. Julie Avatar

    oh wow, those mittens are amazing!! I love the pattern. And pink and brown is such an excellent colour combo.

  9. Bertha Avatar

    Oh, these mittens are so incredibly gorgeous!

  10. tribaltaisan Avatar

    I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your blog this last year! Your book looks awesome and I hope to buy a copy soon. Have fun in Rhinebeck, your really lucky your going. I hope to go someday!!!

  11. CorporateMonkey Avatar

    I’m missing Rhinebeck this year, and will instead be in Nice, FR for a week starting Saturday- but I’m sending my friends along with some extra cash for me! Those mittens are exquisite! I love them and look forward to getting the pattern. Have a great time at Rhinebeck!

  12. Michele Avatar

    Everything looks awesome! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    I’ll be at Rhinebeck too – I can’t wait.

  13. L Mc Avatar
    L Mc

    I’ve only just recently discovered some very fascinating and informative knitting blogs and am checking every day for something new! But, what is Rhinebeck?

  14. gleek Avatar

    oooh, lots of great knits in this post. i totally want to make your roundabout skirt so get crackin’ on that pattern ;) i’ll be at rhinebeck! maybe this year i’ll actually meet you! (i know i came close two years ago..)

  15. Debbie Avatar

    The mittens are awesome!

  16. PaulaRed Avatar

    Hi Laura
    I visit your blog to catch up on your talent intermittently–I saw your post about an ‘ouch’–I don’t know what was written or where, but I am coming out of the lurker world here to tell you that you have been an inspiration to me for the last couple of years–I only read 3 blogs regularly and you are one of them. Thanks for your gorgeous designs and craftsmanship, and also for your blog–its never snobby or excluding—its bright, well written, fun and instructive. I love it. The mittens are beautiful!

  17. Debra Avatar

    You’ve also inspired me.

  18. Heather N Avatar

    Speaking of Thanks.

    I want to say Thank you again.

    I just received your package/book today and I absolutely adore it. Thank you for having the drawing. I am very excited and have been flipping through it every chance I get. I even have a photo of the book being hugged by my school sweatshirt on my blog. :)

  19. Trine Avatar

    I wish I could go to Rhinebeck, but we don’t really have that kind of thing here in Denmark. :( I AM, however, going to a sale in a big warehouse for something called BC Garn – it’s a Danish brand and they make *fabulous* yarns. I’m even going with a woman I met on Ravelry, so I’m very excited. :)

    Btw, all your socks look gorgeous. And I can’t wait for the mitten pattern, I’d so knit them! They are très cool. ;)

  20. Shayna Avatar

    Man. Loose knitting or not, those tiny needles make my brain (and eyes and fingertips) hurt. You amaze me.

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