Second FO of the day – finished socks for the boy. Sorry for the blurry photo. Modelled by me, so they’re a bit too long.

boy socks
Pattern: basic sock, 64 stitches, 2×2 ribbing, four-point-dec toe.
Yarn: knitpicks essential, dusk, 2 skeins
Needles: Lantern Moon US1 dpn
Finished: February 9, 2006

Since I wanted to make socks he’ll actually wear, I did the same toe on these as I did on his last pair. It uses the same rate of decrease as my standard toe, but the decreases are spaced evenly around instead of at the sides.

So in this case, I used four needles (plus the working one, so all 5) and decreased at the end of each needle, every other round until 50% of the stitches remained, then every round until there were 16 stitches left, and grafted. I know a lot of people hate grafting, but I like it!

I’ll toss this spinning stuff in here now too – three of my latest skeins. All of them have blue in them, too!

They’re all 100% merino, 2 ply. The one on the right has been set, but the others haven’t – and there’s a real difference there. My skeins always puff up all nice when I give them a nice hot eucalan bath. I also snap the skeins a few times (like cracking a whip) and whap them again the bannister a couple times as well. Gets more water out and just really improves the skein, I find.

So, you ready to go (or cheer on)? If you’re part of the Toronto contingent, see you at the pub! Hope the lighting is okay, otherwise I might need a headlamp!



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8 responses to “blues”

  1. Jessica Avatar

    Nice! I’m curious about how sturdy the Lantern Moon DPNs are. I keep snapping my Brittany 2.25mm DPNs (they replace them, but it’s still annoying) and am looking for something sturdier.

  2. Wendy Avatar

    Pretty yarn and nice looking socks!

  3. moody knitter Avatar
    moody knitter

    I will be cheering everyone on!! Go knitters everywhere!

  4. Chris Avatar

    Wait, am I on the blue blog? I thought I was at cosmicpluto… Very nice socks and yarn!

  5. amy/squib Avatar

    laura, i DID buy a headlamp! total knitgeek chic!

    see you tonight!

  6. Pantera Avatar

    Yep! Portugal over here! Can’t wait to see the progress of your project!! I love your work!

  7. Jen Avatar

    i worship at the foot of the…waaait a second!

    sorry i missed you wed night – drastic miscommunication – see you tonight though am looking forward to laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaughing hard.

  8. MJ Avatar

    I’m one to baby my handspun (delicately warm Eucalan bath, tension-free drying on a net), but your routine sounds like fun!

    Great handspun colors!

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