A Monday-like Tuesday

Let’s catch up a bit!

New Project: Top-down raglan

I don’t think I shared here that I started a new sweater for myself, inspired by Ann and Kay’s “Bang out a sweater” knit along. I’m not knitting Mary Jane’s (lovely) Stopover, but instead one of my own design. It’s a top-down raglan wrap cardigan, worked in garter stitch – the grown-up version of my Mermaid Cardigan! I’m using Fleece Artist Blue-faced Leicester DK in a lovely deep brown-black, with hints of blue.


I’m past the yoke divide now, but this one hasn’t been getting as much attention as I would like – I have 2 other sweaters to finish before the end of the month for a deadline!

I did a little more spinning.





Fibre: FatCatKnits Superwash Targhee Combed Top, colour way: Barn Country 40
Structure: split lengthwise, singles spun end to end, basic 2 ply.
WPI: 14-15 WPI
Yardage: 391 yards, 113g

New Pattern: Polonium

And I have a new pattern out as well! Polmonium is an easy, elegant hat and mitt set worked in super soft Miss Babs Caroline. The largest size set can be made with just 1 skein!


One last thing: cake! I made this hummingbird cake (banana, pineapple, and pecans) for my grandma’s 86th birthday, which we celebrated yesterday. I really wanted it to look nice for her, so I piped roses on top – it came out great. I didn’t have quite enough frosting to do roses on the sides as well, so I just smoothed it out and added some chopped pecans around the bottom edge.



I used this recipe from Joy of Baking, but changed up the frosting a bit – I used equal parts butter and cream cheese, and a good amount of heavy cream (along with powdered sugar and vanilla). YUM!



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7 responses to “A Monday-like Tuesday”

  1. Doris Avatar

    Cake looks beautiful with smooth sides!

  2. Sami Avatar

    Ooh, a grown up version of Mermaid sounds awesome! And top down–even better. I hope you’ll be releasing that pattern. =)

  3. Diane Fuller Avatar
    Diane Fuller

    Love the yarn you spun, love the cake and printed the recipe, loved the pattern and bought it. You are a very accomplished person, you know that?

  4. susan Avatar

    I just LOVE that yarn. Do you ever sell it?

  5. Saffron Avatar

    Every single thing looks selfish and delightful! :)

    1. Saffron Avatar

      Darn autocorrect :(

  6. Saffron Avatar

    Every single thing looks delish and delightful! :)

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