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Happy Leap Day! Doing anything special today? Me, I’m staying home with my yarn and chores. Not very exciting, but productive!

I finished this scarf for my fella awhile ago, but since he’s been wearing it every day I haven’t had much of a chance to take photos of it. He had a plain black acrylic scarf before, which is pretty shameful for the partner of a knitter. Last week on Family Day (Presidents’ Day in the US) we took a nice long walk through High Park and I took a few snaps.

dale's wave scarf

wave scarf

dale's wave scarf

dale's wave scarf

Pattern: my own
Yarn: 2 skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Tart, yum!

It was a really lovely walk. We even watched a couple of swans fly around then do an awesome water landing on the pond.

grenadier pond



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7 responses to “a leap day FO”

  1. Elizabeth Avatar

    Beautiful photos of the grasses in the wind–my blood pressure is lower just looking at them. Pretty nice looking guy too, with a very manly scarf.

  2. Sarah R Avatar

    Thats a lovely man scarf, gorgeous colour too!

  3. Allison Avatar

    I could have done with some more knitting on my leap day! Love the scarf–your fella is very lucky :)

  4. Tanis Avatar

    Oooh, I love this scarf! Great texture, great unisex knit.

  5. Maryse Avatar

    I know everyone except Quebecers were on holiday last Monday :( Beautiful scarf! Love the last picture, so peaceful!

  6. Jasmine Avatar

    Super cute scarf! And Madeline Tosh yarn to boot–he’s a lucky guy.

  7. Renee Freeman Avatar
    Renee Freeman

    I agree with everyone else – the fella, the scarf and the scenery were all quite soothing to the soul.

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