a bit of knit and purl

It’s been a nice weekend. Staying in, doing some knitting, watching tv (the Tudors and just starting True Blood), eating.


I started a pair of plain socks out of Lorna’s Laces (colour: Cedar) and they’re going astonishingly fast! Well on the way to becoming the fastest pair of socks I’ve ever knit, actually. I started on Thursday night and was totally done one sock Saturday afternoon.

one to go

So today I started the second one and knit a couple of inches – the leg is pretty long on these, about 8 inches, and I got five inches done! They’re just top-down, gusset heel, 68 sts on 2mm double points. Mmm, comfort knitting.

But then the sock took a bit of a break because I started something else – a cowl out of leftover Malabrigo!

malabrigo cowl

It’s just a really simple one, alternating bands of knit and purl. I need to write up a “master cowl” pattern for a class, it’ll have a couple different fits and then cast on numbers for different yarn weights. So I needed a bit of a practice cowl! It’s actually done now, but photos shall have to wait another day.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat some super sexy chocolate cake!

sexy chocolate cake

P.S. I’ve got a brand new, super cute wallet that I want to send to a loving home – click here if you need something new! Sold!



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10 responses to “a bit of knit and purl”

  1. leslie - knitting therapist Avatar
    leslie – knitting therapist

    You are going to love True Blood!
    I was hooked for the first 10 minutes.

    Nice looking cake, too. Gotta love a flourless chocolate cake.

  2. adele Avatar

    I love the colour of that sock yarn. Very pretty. Will have to look out for it.

  3. Debbie Avatar

    The sock is going to be so pretty!

  4. Marie Avatar

    It really was a stay in and knit kind of weekend in T.O. – ‘wish I could have done that! BTW that cedar colour is gorgeous!

  5. Cassy Avatar

    Oh wow. I want that cedar yarn and that chocolate cake. Jealous.

  6. Sunnyknitter Avatar

    That’s just pure evil to show that cake on the first day of my being good and working out and watching what I eat! Must knit more and keep hands busy… Nice sockage too!

  7. Heather Avatar

    Thanks for posting the poppy pattern – I’ll make an extra donation in a poppy box. I thing it would like nice with left over Noro yarn (for the rest of the year)

  8. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Yum… Cake…

    I’ve been on a massive baking spree lately, so it is just wonderful to see cakes and pies and cookies everywhere in blogland. I think it is the nesting feeling of late fall coming upon us!

  9. Knittripps Avatar

    Chocolate cake sounds really good!

  10. lynette Avatar

    i love the cedar colorway. and the cake does indeed look wicked and sexay! now i’m hungry.

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