a bit of before and after

Whew. Between working on setting up my new apartment, working at lettuce knit, working on my own stuff, and enjoying the summer food and general enjoyment, it’s been a busy month! The barest hint of fall is in the air, though it’s still pretty warm during the daytime, and I’ve been knitting bits and pieces on tons of projects.

Time for some photos!

Living room – before

living room - before

Living room – after, with my new chair from Design Republic.

living/dining/front hall area

sitting area

Bedroom – before

bedroom - before

Bedroom – after


Foods! Scallion pancakes with scallions from the farmer’s market – so, so delicious. The dipping sauce is stellar too.

scallion pancakes

Tiny peach pies! I didn’t have enough peaches for a full pie (because I’ve been eating so many of them) so I made a few minis instead, in a muffin tin.

tiny pies

Knitting? Sure. I’ve been nuts for a tubular cast on.

In Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock:

And in Malabrigo sock, too:
tubular cast on



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13 responses to “a bit of before and after”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Your new place looks really lovely, and those mini peach pies are such a clever idea.

  2. Orli Avatar

    I can’t get over the face that we have the same corningware dishes–which I got from my boyfriend’s mom on the East Coast of the US, but which both of my grandmothers (one on the West Coast and one in Israel) also have.

    Your apartment is adorable; I love the storage setup behind the couch.

  3. JoAnn Avatar

    I love seeing your bookshelves stocked well with books & yarn. My kind of living room! Enjoy your new space.

  4. Elizabeth Avatar

    You remind me of the excitement of setting up my first apartment. A wonderful time of life! Love your giant floor mirror. Where did you get it?

  5. Maryse Avatar

    All photos are amazing! Ouh, I’m in love with that Malabrigo blue!

  6. Samantha Avatar

    Those pancakes and pies look amazing! I bet I could devour them all.

    This may be a silly question, but why do you have such a long tail on your cuff? Is that to extend it if you need to? I would think that’s not so easy to do with a tubular cast on, which I also love.

  7. margaux Avatar

    OOH love the new place! and now i’m starving for pancakes ;-)

  8. YarnAddict Avatar

    Your apartment looks great. I’d love to have my yarn on display in my living room but my family object.

    The pies look yummy.

  9. Julia Avatar

    Lovely and inspiring pictures (especially the tubular cast-on!!). Can I ask you–what is your favorite method for doing a tubular cast-on? I always find it tricky to keep it snug and not splayed out.

  10. Cassy Avatar

    I love all the yarn on the shelves. Your own little yarn library…

  11. Leah Avatar

    Ok, that’s the second time I’ve seen those scallion pancakes on your blog and I can’t handle it any more — I must make some! Thanks for sharing :-)

  12. Wendolene Avatar

    Love the shelves by the door! They look like such a good way to organize all the stuff that inevitably takes up residence in an entryway.

  13. Lynne G Avatar
    Lynne G

    Intrigued by that hint of pattern on your bedroom ceiling- is that something you put there, or fabulous old plasterwork?! And, those little pies look so scrumptious!

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