Category: food

  • a quick garden update

    I haven’t been updating much on the garden, but it’s going really well this year! Lots of tomatoes and basil. After the squirrel heartbreak of the last couple summers, we didn’t plant any zucchini or cucumbers for them to munch on and it seems to be working! I guess they’re not interested in anything else. […]

  • Snowy April

    Apparently April has been the snowiest month of this winter, here in TO! I just saw some hail falling, too. Yeeesh. I’ve been working on an XL version of my Milkweed Shawl pattern – which originally came out in 2008. That’s seriously an AGE in digital knitting patterns! It needs some new photos and layout […]

  • peeries and monday things

    It’s November?! I can’t promise I’ll blog every day in November, but I really would like to write here more, and it’s a good kick in the pants. I got it in my head that I wanted a new stranded colourwork hat pattern for my retreat class on the weekend, so here’s a sneak peek! […]