full o’ fibre

Now that term’s over (no school for five whole days! and then only 5 hours of lecture per week!) I’ve finally got time for a proper update…and time to start lots of new projects.

First up: a Chickami, out of Southwest Trading Company Bamboo in “Chocolate”, which is SO not chocolate. It’s working up a bit harsh, but I’ve hoping a wash will help with that.

I’ve also started a little ankle sock, out of Fortissima Cotton Colori, bought off Elann a while back.

I ended up having to rip back the first time because it was too big, but it’s coming along nicely now! Anyway, today I hope to a) knit a few swatches for the class I’m teaching Sunday (on fixing mistakes), b) weave in the ends on “no stripes go round” and maybe steam it a bit, and c) work on sideways spencer.

Next up, in spinning – I finished up the blue merino/silk and got a total of about 250 yards of bulky.

And what’s this?

Why, it’s a pile of Fleece Artist merino roving, to tide me over until my big fibre order comes in!

Stay cool!

p.s. I finished the skirt for my sister, but no pictures for a while because she took it on the family vacation (I get to stay home and knit!).



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3 responses to “full o’ fibre”

  1. HibiscuitsGirl Avatar

    I tried that bamboo yarn and I thought it was a gorgeous color, but I grew to really dislike it. On the skein I had, I could grab a length of yarn and give a firm but not hard tug and it would just snap apart. I made an IPod case from it and it couldn’t handle the tear at all–it started falling apart the next day. The hat I made from it didn’t fall apart, but the ends worked themselves out after just a few days. I probably won’t use it again. If yours works, though, maybe my skein was a bad one.

    Happy knitting!

  2. Purly Whites Avatar

    I love that sock!! Very cute. Everything else looks very fun too.

  3. Vicki Avatar

    Congrats on getting a few days rest! I love the blue yarn, it looks so soft :)

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