Thursday night, sometime in the wee hours:

The start of a simple stockinette-and-garter stitch shawl, inspired by Adrian’s. I think after I took this photo I ripped this piece and started over with a bigger needle…

Friday night, 11 pm, after knitting at work (until I ran out of the skein I’d brought) and while chatting on the phone – all done!

Another demonstration of the magic of blocking!

Glamour shot.

simple shawl
Pattern: my own, simple shawl shape with garter and stockinette bands – if y’all really want a pattern, I can write it up
Yarn: my own handspun merino/tussah silk, a bit less than 8 oz
Needles: denise US11
Start/Finish: January 6, 2006

Ah. Nice fast, simple project. This was one of my first yarns spun on my wheel, back when I got it (June). It’s a lovely burgundy merino/silk blend from Louet, and although I overspun it, the yarn is soft and shiny.

In something slightly different – check out this yarn Jill and I did up last Monday at my place – it’s for her, and I think my most successful dyeing yet!

LOVE IT. I’ll have to try and recreate it for myself!

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  1. rachel m

    love the shawl- i’m just starting to spin up some ashland bay merino to knit something similar for myself.

    and! i just finished spinning and navajo plying the more purple-y ving you sent. i just have to wash and then i’ll photograph it. it is SO PRETTY. i can’t thank you enough. i’ll totally pay you to dye for me in the future!

  2. Jill

    Laura – that yarn we (you, I think of myself as the assistant) dyed looks fantastic. I am so excited. We should hang out at your place more!

  3. wanda

    I love your work. I am in the process of making your Cavern sweater.

    Please share the shawl pattern.

    Thank you.

  4. Brianne

    That’s a beautiful shawl! Great job on knitting it up so quickly. (So gratifying, I know!) It must be really great knitting with yarn that you’ve spun yourself.

  5. Areli

    The yarn you dyed is beautiful, very warm colors. And what a beautiful shawl, and so cool that the yarn is spun by you as well.

  6. Kris

    Please do share the pattern–I have been triangle-shawl-crazy the last few months!


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