24-hour FO

Thursday night, sometime in the wee hours:

The start of a simple stockinette-and-garter stitch shawl, inspired by Adrian’s. I think after I took this photo I ripped this piece and started over with a bigger needle…

Friday night, 11 pm, after knitting at work (until I ran out of the skein I’d brought) and while chatting on the phone – all done!

Another demonstration of the magic of blocking!

Glamour shot.

simple shawl
Pattern: my own, simple shawl shape with garter and stockinette bands – if y’all really want a pattern, I can write it up
Yarn: my own handspun merino/tussah silk, a bit less than 8 oz
Needles: denise US11
Start/Finish: January 6, 2006

Ah. Nice fast, simple project. This was one of my first yarns spun on my wheel, back when I got it (June). It’s a lovely burgundy merino/silk blend from Louet, and although I overspun it, the yarn is soft and shiny.

In something slightly different – check out this yarn Jill and I did up last Monday at my place – it’s for her, and I think my most successful dyeing yet!

LOVE IT. I’ll have to try and recreate it for myself!



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14 responses to “24-hour FO”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Wow, your shawl turned out great – and I’m stunned at how quickly you knit it!

  2. grumperina Avatar

    Oooo!!! How lovely that you knit up your own handspun! The yarn you dyed for your friend is simply gorgeous.

  3. rachel m Avatar

    love the shawl- i’m just starting to spin up some ashland bay merino to knit something similar for myself.

    and! i just finished spinning and navajo plying the more purple-y ving you sent. i just have to wash and then i’ll photograph it. it is SO PRETTY. i can’t thank you enough. i’ll totally pay you to dye for me in the future!

  4. Jill Avatar

    Laura – that yarn we (you, I think of myself as the assistant) dyed looks fantastic. I am so excited. We should hang out at your place more!

  5. yahaira Avatar

    I love the shawl and how lucky to knit it with your own handspun! The dyed yarn is gorgeous as well.

  6. Elspeth Avatar

    I love the shawl and the yarn! Great job as usual!

  7. Jenn Avatar

    I like it! Quick knit, but the simplicity of it is pretty elegant.

  8. wanda Avatar

    I love your work. I am in the process of making your Cavern sweater.

    Please share the shawl pattern.

    Thank you.

  9. Brianne Avatar

    That’s a beautiful shawl! Great job on knitting it up so quickly. (So gratifying, I know!) It must be really great knitting with yarn that you’ve spun yourself.

  10. Areli Avatar

    The yarn you dyed is beautiful, very warm colors. And what a beautiful shawl, and so cool that the yarn is spun by you as well.

  11. RachelH Avatar

    Just gorgeous! I would be ever so grateful if you would share the pattern PLEASE!

  12. Kris Avatar

    Please do share the pattern–I have been triangle-shawl-crazy the last few months!

  13. Singular Stitches Avatar

    Very nice shawl! What a fast knitter – If I tried to talk on the phone while knitting, I’d be frogging afterward!

  14. Julia Avatar

    Gorgeous shawl and *beautiful* yarn! I love those earthy reddish-pinks. Lovely, lovely.

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