Month: April 2010

  • strawberry tart

    Thanks so much for your reception of the Massey Wrap! I’ve been wearing it a lot – light enough for springy weather, but long and warm enough for the occasional blustery day like we’ve been having lately. I don’t have much in the way of knitting to show you all, so how about some yummy […]

  • Massey Wrap

    And now for the fruits of that photoshoot at Wychwood Barns! MASSEY WRAP This lacy wrap in fingering weight yarn scrunches up as a scarf or expands to be a stole. Versatile and easy to wear, Massey is knit on the bias in an easy lace pattern that looks great on both sides! One side […]

  • photoshoot

    Wychwood Barns on Christie St. in Toronto – the farmer’s market is here on Saturdays, year round. It’s basically a garage that was used by the transit system, that’s been converted into live/work/urban agriculture/community space. Pretty awesome, and lots of fun backdrops. Taking your own photos is kinda hard. And then there was this guy. […]