Took a few tries (had to rip back a bit due to shoulder miscalculation) but I finished knitting up the yoke the other night and joined the shoulders with a three-needle bindoff. Something about the shape of the neckline in this particular sweater really tickles my fancy!

Then came some nice twisted ribbing. Works really well with this tweedy yarn. Too bad the dressform kind of lacks shoulders, it makes it look like they’re falling off! Needs a good blocking to help everything relax.

twisted rib

The seamless set-in sleeve technique that I’m using is from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Workshop.

head down

Why hello there. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I’ve been busy teaching, rehearsing, writing patterns, and generally trying to keep my head above water!

Part of that is going back to older projects that are filling up my needles and trying to get them done (or ripped). I started this cardigan back in the winter sometime, it’s a really nice light tweed that I got at Rhinebeck in 2008.

trying to get things off the needles

The body and a sleeve to the underarm were done, and I just needed to finish up the second sleeve before joining everything. I’m doing this one as a seamless set-in sleeve, knit at the same time, in the manner of a raglan or circular yoke. I really love this style because there’s no picking up stitches around the armhole later on!

I managed to finish up the yoke and wove in some ends tonight, then I’ll have just the bands left to go – I think I might have to go button shopping yet again.

button, button

button, button

Finally made it to Fabricland for some cheap ‘n’ cheerful buttons. I love fancy ones, but sometimes pewter or ceramic are just too heavy.