Wychwood Barns on Christie St. in Toronto – the farmer’s market is here on Saturdays, year round. It’s basically a garage that was used by the transit system, that’s been converted into live/work/urban agriculture/community space. Pretty awesome, and lots of fun backdrops.

artscape wychwood barns

Taking your own photos is kinda hard.


And then there was this guy.

this guy...

“hey beautiful! how bout you take a photo of me? you can always erase it later!”

15 Responses to “photoshoot”

  1. Chantal B

    We are going to say the right thing: this guy deserve a picture because he’s quite cute isn’t it?? You scarf too for sure!!! ha ha ha!!!

  2. treeseeker

    Thanks so much for the link to Wychood Barns! I am coming back home to T.O. for a visit this summer, and hadn’t even heard of this place. Now that I live in the UK I miss so many things about Toronto, and Wychwood Barns seems to have so much of the atmosphere that I am looking forward to visiting again.

  3. Julia

    Ha! The worst thing about taking knitting photos out in public is the rubberneckers like that guy! Hilarious!

  4. Mary

    Aw, he just wants his 15 minutes of fame. If you had a tripod with you maybe he thought you were shooting for a magazine…too funny though.

  5. yvette

    Ack! My ex-husband is the Facility Manager there. Well, at least he’s not the guy in the photo.


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