strawberry tart

Thanks so much for your reception of the Massey Wrap! I’ve been wearing it a lot – light enough for springy weather, but long and warm enough for the occasional blustery day like we’ve been having lately.

I don’t have much in the way of knitting to show you all, so how about some yummy dessert instead?

oh yeah

I made this for denny’s 50th birthday party at lettuce knit yesterday. I’ve had such a craving for a strawberry tart and haven’t found them anywhere – and of course, my homemade one is tastier anyway!

I used this recipe from Confessions of a Tart, slightly modified. I had an 11″ tart pan rather than a 9″ one, so I doubled the pastry recipe and had enough for a pretty thick crust on the big tart, and a couple of mini ones (which are still chilling out in the freezer). The fact that this pastry doesn’t require pie weights is great, since I don’t have any.

I made 1.5 times the pastry cream so I’d be sure to have enough, and I used half a vanilla bean in the milk rather than vanilla extract at the end. Delicious – the pastry cream is my favourite part, really. It’s quite eggy on its own but works so well with the strawberries. I don’t generally like to buy strawberries out of season, but this week I found some organic ones that actually smelled and tasted like proper strawberries and were cheaper than conventional, too!

No glaze; they’re kind of heavy and weird. This was all freshness. I’d definitely make it again – perfect for a crowd and would work great with all kinds of fruit – I think whole blueberries would be really good.

you know you want some of this

Happy Birthday Denny!






11 responses to “strawberry tart”

  1. JoAnn Avatar

    Dessert-candy vs Yarn-candy. It’s pretty much equal in my book :) Our strawberries won’t be ready to pick until June here in Wisconsin. I’ll enjoy looking at yours and print this recipe off until then.

  2. jackie Avatar

    it looks yummy! LOL,by the way I turn 50 next April ;-)

  3. Jessica Powers Avatar

    That looks fantastic and is a good lure for me to fly back to the Northern Hemisphere soon and the berry patch I’ll be in charge of watering and caretaking…never made a strawberry tart, but perhaps I will! As for pie weights – I was taught to use dried beans!

  4. Karen Avatar

    Oh, that looks yummy!

  5. kelly-ann (on ravelry) Avatar
    kelly-ann (on ravelry)

    Wow…that is a beautiful dessert. How many strawberries did you munch on while making it?!

  6. YuLian Avatar

    Wow, that looks delicious. I wish I could eat it.

  7. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Yum! I made pavlova with homemade lemon curd and fresh berries over the weekend, but would happily eat this too!

  8. Dr. Steph Avatar

    It was sooooooooo good. Thanks for making it for Denny and letting us have some.

  9. Mildawg Avatar

    Yum! This looks so refreshing.

  10. Vallary Avatar

    That looks delightful!

    Also, if you don’t own pie weights, you can line the crust with parchment, and use either dried beans or rice as a weight. (It is not recommended to eat the beans after this, but, if you use rice you can still cook it afterwards.)

  11. knittingoutloud Avatar

    Very beautiful!!!

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