a little something

koigu cardi

Something missing from this cardigan on the needles? A second sleeve?

I really want to finish this cardigan soon – I think it could see a lot of wear this spring. Just a little sort of shrunken thing, out of Koigu. The second sleeve is almost done, then it’s yoke time, baby!

knitting along

I’ve been at my parents’ house the last few days, house-sitting and cooking for my teenaged sister until my parents come back from their vacation (in Hawaii). Enjoying watching television while knitting on the couch – something that doesn’t happen in my apartment since I don’t have a tv!

Not much to show, unfortunately. I’ve had to rip and reknit a large section of this new project I’ve been working on, but I think I’m back on track now. It’s reversible lace! More correctly, lace that looks great (but not the same) on both sides. I’m very excited about it.

YIP: March 16

Oh, and before I forget – Pavlov’s Dogs has a gig again tomorrow night! If you’re in Toronto and need a bit of a Wednesday night pick-me-up, check us (and lots of other awesome performers) out at the Rivoli for my friend Bella’s Burlesque Birthday Bash! Facebook page is here, and tickets are $10. Hope to see you there!

a quick FO

In dire need of something that didn’t require thinking and would be off the needles in a few short days, I went back to an oldie and knit up a Milkweed Shawl!

milkweed shawl

This one will live at lettuce knit – it’s knit from just 2 skeins of Koigu KPPPM, although I did have to bind off 2 rows early (on row 104). I used a 3.75mm needle for this one, and it’s really light and springy.

milkweed shawl

Super quick and I love the colours. We’ve got more at the shop if you’re interested, too! The colour number is P324.

milkweed shawl

Just a little bit funny to me to be knitting from my own pattern. But it was nice not to have to figure anything out or do any math while I was knitting it!