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koigu cardi

Something missing from this cardigan on the needles? A second sleeve?

I really want to finish this cardigan soon – I think it could see a lot of wear this spring. Just a little sort of shrunken thing, out of Koigu. The second sleeve is almost done, then it’s yoke time, baby!



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6 responses to “a little something”

  1. Mildawg Avatar

    Good luck! I’m sure it will look absolutely fabulous.

  2. EdwardRad Avatar

    I love the color!! That sweater will look super cute on you when it’s finished. ^_^

  3. allison Avatar

    The ribbing is my favorite part so far – I always love watching your work in progress :)

  4. Monique Avatar

    Beautiful color! You’re getting there. Not long now!

  5. Mary Avatar

    This looks interesting. I’ve just found your blog and website via Ysolda’s blog. I look forward to seeing the finished garment.

  6. Rachel Avatar

    It looks beautiful!

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