a quick FO

In dire need of something that didn’t require thinking and would be off the needles in a few short days, I went back to an oldie and knit up a Milkweed Shawl!

milkweed shawl

This one will live at lettuce knit – it’s knit from just 2 skeins of Koigu KPPPM, although I did have to bind off 2 rows early (on row 104). I used a 3.75mm needle for this one, and it’s really light and springy.

milkweed shawl

Super quick and I love the colours. We’ve got more at the shop if you’re interested, too! The colour number is P324.

milkweed shawl

Just a little bit funny to me to be knitting from my own pattern. But it was nice not to have to figure anything out or do any math while I was knitting it!



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8 responses to “a quick FO”

  1. Ivana Avatar

    Gorgeous colors! Gives your wonderful new pattern a completely differnt twist, I love it!

  2. allison Avatar

    It looks great in that colorway! Nice for spring :)

  3. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Sometimes you just need a bit of math free! Normally I do a simple ribbed scarf for that, but needless to say there is only so many ribbed scarves one can knit before one goes mad.

  4. Guro Avatar

    It’s beautiful! Milkweed is a terriffic pattern. I just finished a beaded one for my daughter and now I want to cast on for one for me too.

  5. Maryse Avatar

    Can’t go wrong with the Milkweed Shawl! Beautiful!

  6. Mildawg Avatar

    Absolutely stunning – the color variation works so well with the pattern.

  7. MaryLS Avatar

    I love this pattern. I made it last summer while watching the Tour de France–using Cherry Tree Hill fingering. The color was smething to do with vineyards – purples and greens. I gave it to a 93 (as she says “…93 and a half!”) year old frend on Nantucket in September. It was a cool afternoon, and she put it right on. I will make it again, as it is a pleasure to work and to watch the development of the milkweed pattern.

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